The 2000th Post Giveaway Contest!

As we mentioned yesterday, we’re celebrating our milestone of 2000 published articles here on To help celebrate, we’ve decided to hold a simple contest:

2000th copy

One lucky winner will win a prize package, sponsored by our friends at Planet Bike and Banjo Brothers. This package includes the following:

–One Planet Bike Blaze 1W headlight

— One Planet Bike Superflash Turbo taillight

— One pair of Planet Bike socks

— One Planet Bike under-helmet beanie

— One Banjo Brothers commuter backpack (model 01050 in black)

— One t-shirt in your choice of size shirts

— One sticker pack (assorted stickers for your bike/helmet/toolbox)

— One Chainspirations “For the Frill of It” zipper pull in red/white/blue (pictured below)


Entering is easy as can be…simply leave a comment with a link to your favorite article…we’ve got 2000 to choose from, so surprise us with something from the archives! And, we’re letting contestants enter another way: via our Facebook page. Leave a comment on both our site AND our Facebook page and you will double your chances to enter! The contest will run until midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday, December 11, 2011, at which time a winner will be chosen at random from the combined pool of contestants on both entry points. (US Only)

You must provide a valid email address with your comment or be able to access your messages via Facebook…if we can’t get hold of you to tell you that you won, another winner will be selected from the pool. Also, failure to submit a link to one of our articles in your comment will nullify that entry. If your comment doesn’t appear immediately, have no fear: we’ll check our spam filter throughout the contest period and approve your entries as they come in.

Questions? Hit us up before the contest period expires at info[at]bikecommuters[dot]com.

Good luck, and thank you for reading along over the years!


  1. Nathan
  2. Reva

    Congratulations on your 2000th post! Keep the great information and encouragement flowing…

  3. Burt

    I bought this bike because of this review:

    Wished I had waited to find out more about Joe Bikes’s version. (8speed, or CVPGT?) Great bike, fun to ride.

  4. Sean

    This article reminded me that I hadn’t taken care of my chain in awhile:

    Congratulations on number 2000!

  5. Doug

    Congrats on post #2000.

  6. Melanie

    I made bucket panniers using birdseed buckets based on this article:

  7. tom bach

    Congratulations and I really enjoyed this book review and the book.

  8. Rob
  9. Jeff Killion

    Your site is an inspiration, please keep going!

  10. Jude de los Reyes

    I really enjoy any bike news coming out of NYC/NJ area. We need more of it!

  11. Shawn
  12. jay

    I like the Banjo review, because I like banjo bags. πŸ™‚

  13. Dalton

    This one helped me decide to buy that bike. Been commuting on it for two years now. Thanks for the great site and great info and the chance to win some great swag!

  14. Kit

    Because of this post I have been riding with these shoes and enjoying them greatly!

  15. Jason

    I really was impressed by this article because I too have had motorists tell me before that I don’t deserve to be on the road, but was uneasy about trying to argue. After that article, and a little more research on my own, I feel that I have a “leg to stand on” now. Thanks!!!

  16. John

    I’m a relatively new reader but I’m glad I stumbled across your blog.

  17. ethan has been a valuable source of information for me for YEARS. Probably since before I began bike commuting. Despite all of the useful stuff here, my favorite post is this one, about the conversation with a police officer about bicycles, including point #11.

  18. Danny

    This is the article I remember most from you guys:

    Although I didn’t buy the Torker, your well-thought-out review got me thinking about what I really need from an urban bike.

  19. Anthony

    I love the bike and gear reviews, and the commuter profiles have been a fun read, too.

  20. Moe

    I really like your Commuter Tools page!

  21. Anna

    What a great giveaway! Congrats on such a long and successful history. Gotta say my favorite post is Elisa’s Commuter Profile. She’s such a fox!

  22. Gordon Fink

    I’m getting one of these for Christmas (I got to the mail before my wife did):

  23. D'Arcy Norman

    this one was handy – hadn’t thought to look for high visibility clothing at Home Depot (or other construction/work supply stores).

  24. w

    I enjoy the articles that connect cycling and society/art… e.g.

  25. Matthew
  26. Alex J

    Of the more recent articles, I enjoyed the Conversation with a Cop article. It is interesting to me to get insight in to the thinking of the police and their views on safety. I think it would also be interesting to hear from a cop who patrols on bike to contrast.

  27. Jeremy

    My fav? Relevant again now that the cold weather is back in town…

  28. Tracy W

    This is a recent article that got my attention and made me think….

    Congratulations on the milestone and keep up the good work!


  29. Cisco S.

    I thoroughly enjoy your site. I live in San Antonio, TX and have awesome riding weather pretty much year round.

    My favorite article is THIS one! because I might win all this cool stuff!

    My 2nd favorite article is the one that showed me about monkey-electric lights

  30. Pete

    I really enjoyed reading about the Kona Sutra as I’ve always had a soft spot for their MTBs and was curious about their other offerings as well.

  31. PushingWind
  32. Vincent Lyon

    Folding bikes are just so cool! Mostly because they’re not. It’s that dorky tipping point where it starts to become cool again.

  33. Zack

    Came upon your blog while searching for reviews of Pedaling Revolution:

  34. minimumwage!

    This article helped me choose the Planet Bike Superflash, a choice I have never regretted. One of the best purchases since I bought my bike, thanks!

  35. Tom

    I tend to enjoy every article, but the recent article about layering was definitely a favorite. I rode all last winter and plan to ride all this winter, and it’s just nice to have a resource like that to point people towards when they ask how I do it πŸ™‚

  36. melissa S.

    I loved the article about the conversation with the cop. Very interesting. Enter me to win, I’m already posting on the your Facebook page.

  37. John Fink

    Articles on clothing and layering always work for me. I particarly like this one:

  38. Robert Guico
  39. daisy

    I appreciate this post about cold weather bike commuting:

    Lots of good tips!

  40. Graham

    I never win stuff, but I had a minute to amuse myself so I looked up the first post I ever read here on It was a poll about who will or won’t admit to being a year-round commuter. (I remember that I was looking for inspiration and advice about committing to commuting)I thought that I remembered a clickable poll widget, but maybe it was taken down when the article was moved to the archives?

    Yes, I have been stalking this site for that long. It’s creepy, but what can I say? You folks are just full of useful tips and product reviews!

  41. Ginger

    My favorite article is something I’ve been thinking about lately — layering for winter riding:

  42. Mark
  43. Aaron Snocker This is the first article I ran across from you guys which totally hooked me in . I’m now a daily reader. Thanks guys!

  44. Virginia Bob

    How to layer properly is the best article.

    If it’s cold all the time, it’s easy. It it’s not cold, it’s easy. The rest of the time you need this article.

  45. Ginger

    I loved your review of Levi’s commuter jeans. I was thinking of getting some for my husband for Christmas, but your honest review made me second guess the idea. Thanks.

  46. cg

    Congrats on your 2000th post! I really liked Miriam’s introduction:

  47. Marti Fine

    After cycling across the US with a safety vest that fell apart by the end of the trip, this article led me to a new way to make myself visible without spending lots of money.

  48. James
  49. Eric Lashley
  50. jp
  51. HP

    Always good to slow down occasionally


  52. PhilGE

    I re-wrote the lyrics to this Beatles song and y’all picked it up and spread the love. Thanks for all you do to inspire us to commute by pedal power. πŸ™‚


  53. Steve A

    It is amazing how many comments free stuff elicit. Should I be entered and win, give it to someone deserving. As in someone without lights. And tell us about it. I’ve got stuff already.

  54. Sheika-Ann
  55. Gordon
  56. Bill Case

    Congratulations on your 200th post! That’s AWESOME! I may not post a lot of comments on your site, but I definitely read all your post! Keep up the great work! It would be cool if you could do more reader/rider profiles. Those are always cool reads!

  57. Bill Case

    Oh, and I meant 2000th! NOT 200th! It’s still early and my coffee hasn’t kicked in!

  58. Bala
  59. Dan Nay

    I enjoy reading commuter profiles and tips from more experienced commuters. I have been bike commuting for 3 years now, but this is the first time I’ve attempted the winter here in Utah.

  60. Faceman

    This was one of the first posts I read, I was looking for a proper waterproof backpack and discovered Well, I ended up buying the backpack and have been a fan of ever since.

  61. Elisa Munoz

    Wow! Congrats. You guys continue to be awesome and amazing!

    Favorite post: Anna’s profile. I love when people get to know great cyclists (and ladies)!

  62. MikeLD

    Congrats! Loved the book, so thanks for the review

  63. BluesCat

    I’ve always enjoyed spirited exchanges regarding bike laws and bike infrastructure funding, especially if the articles involved help us identify the Bike Haters Of America.

    One of my favorites was right here on, less than two months ago:

  64. dangerGator

    I liked this one:

  65. jdmitch

    Congrats on 2000 post. But really guys, come on, just one article? That’s like finding as needle in a stack of needles…

    Most recent holiday gift guide was good. I bougth a handful of Cobra Tire Tools based on that article. Seeing as I have a rather short commute (7-8 miles) I tend to perk up and listen any time you guys are talking SS or Fixed gear bikes (so mucher simpler for how I ride).

  66. Chris C

    The article was terse but the title more than made up for it (coffee came out of my nose).

  67. jdmitch
  68. PRitta

    This review actually convinced me to buy a Double Cross. I love this bike. Love this site.

  69. Kagi
  70. Chad

    My favorite for the shortness of the article (I have a short attention span) and all of the comments following!!

  71. Neil

    I enjoyed the first commuter profile of Mir.I.Am and have enjoyed reading her posts ever since! I’m glad she is a regular contributor.

    Opps – here is the link so I don’t get disqualified for the contest!

  72. Oliver

    I was tempted when I saw LEDbyLITE on Kickstarter, and then totally convinced to get one when I saw your review. Thanks for the awesome work.

  73. no1mad

    Ended up going to the LBS and ordered the larger version of this based largely on RL’s review. No longer need the extra space of the large, so the medium would be a better fit for my commute.

  74. Jean-marc LAvigne

    cooliyo tooliyo and that’s why i like this review

    congrats on the 2000th post

  75. Raiyn

    @ douglas December 7th, 2011 at 05:35

    Thank you!

    As for me I liked:

  76. Jerry

    Found this site when I was looking for tips for cold weather commuting. Being a Californian I needed some good insight on cycling during the colder part of the Minnesota year. Love Banjo Brothers panniers and Planet Bike gear!

  77. Joshua Kraus

    Well I will try that again.
    I like this post about the bike friendly stickers.
    I have only been reading your articles for a little while, congrats on reaching 2000.

  78. Marla Gnarla

    I think this was the article that got me to swear by the PB superflash.

  79. Kendal
  80. Niki King
  81. Casey
  82. Rachel

    I was so excited when I first read this article and decided to check it out. Its about time they had some good quality commuter pants….however, they only have men’s and not women’s options… hopefully they hurry up with the women’s commuter pants!!

  83. Ted

    Thanks for all your work over the years. i’ve appreciated your honest assessments and practical advice.

  84. JazzyJ

    This article really helped me when I was thinking about buying my first bike and didn’t even know where to start:

  85. Jeremy Albert

    Your post about winterzing has helped me make it through the past couple of long winters.

  86. Jeff
  87. Steph
  88. Hep

    It’s hard to pick just one, so I guess it doesn’t matter which I pick. I like the wide variety you offer, from commuter profiles to safety tips to gear guides. The Interbike posts are great:

  89. Keith
  90. cliffedens
  91. Anonymous1

    I like music, and I thought the picture of the little girl was funny.

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