Reflective DIY “Get Visible” – Photoshoot

3M Scotchlite tape - what a stealthy reflective cheap trick!

Okay Midnight Riders… it is wintery and darker than usual at the end of our work days this time of year.  In the spirit of digging up things in our past like you all have been posting for our Bike Commuters 2000th post Giveaway, here’s the follow-up to our article on Reflective DIY Tape! So: for Raiyn & his stealth reflector bling power and all the other Bike Commuters out there, I finally got ahold of a photomaker and snapped some photos!  I also got ahold of a magic wand. Check out the the effectiveness of the easy bibbity-bobbity-boo Scotchlite 3M reflective tape Makeover:

Version 1: No flash, living room lights on.


Version 2: With flash, living room lights off, awesome magic sparkle power ON.

Fighter of the Nightman! aAAAaaaa!

ShaBAM:  bright at night, but the 3M reflective tape blends in during the day too!  For more archive digging, check out my favorite gateway articles, Moe’s Rear Blinky Comparo or Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney’s Planet Bike 1W Blaze Review. Stay bright, night commuters!

Hasbro... maybe they will make a "Lite-Brite" movie since they already made "Transformers"


  1. Ghost Rider

    It’s difficult to tell, but did you follow the paint scheme of your bike with the tape? If so, it looks amazing all lit-up!

  2. Mir.I.Am (Post author)

    oh yes I did!

  3. Mike Myers

    Wow, Miriam. I didn’t notice that you matched it to your paint scheme. Very nice. I always enjoy your articles. Your writing style is a lot of fun. Keep up the good work.

  4. Rider

    So, is the reflective tape clear or what? I can’t tell what it looks like in the daylight.

    It sure looks good at night!

    I’d like to add some reflectivity to my beloved commuter, but I don’t want to fred it all up.

  5. Raiyn


    Great Job! It really follows the idea of “Stealth Reflectors” and even takes it up a notch. I will suggest a bit of red in the rear to conform to Hawaii’s law and C.Y.A. : §291C-147 Lamps and other equipment on bicycles. (clipped) (b) Every bicycle shall be equipped with a red reflector at least four square inches in size which shall be visible for six hundred feet to the rear when directly in front of lawful lower beams of head lamps on a motor vehicle.

  6. Raiyn

    @ Rider No it’s not clear it just matches (as nearly as possible) the paint scheme. See

  7. Mir.I.Am

    @Rider: So… what would that entail to FRED IT ALL UP? The tape is white and matches the white frame, I cut it with an exacto knife to match the curves of the paint job on the fork and top tube… You can’t even see it during the day!

  8. Andy505

    Awesome idea! Bike-specific reflective bits are often expensive and lack a good adhesive. Just ordered some of this tape for myself!

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