More winter wardrobe tips

A while back, Elizabeth gave us a great primer on dressing for cold weather, and it’s always nice to hear some other ideas from fellow seasoned winter commuters. Here’s a Patch video from the frozen tundra of the Minneapolis area, with Joe Meiser, product design manager for Quality Bicycle Products. The video focuses on traditional “cycling garb”, but the same principles apply for those who want to dress warmly but also more chic.

This one’s timely, too — as those of us in the midwest and northeast are FINALLY experiencing some of that arctic chill and snow, courtesy of our Canadian neighbors to the north. The snow is blowing…but don’t let that stop you from getting on your bike and riding!

Take a look at that sweet fatbike at the end of the video! Why oh WHY won’t some bike company let us test one of those for the winter?


  1. Elizabeth

    I rode a fat bike like that today!!! Stay tuned for more…

  2. TN

    All that special gear makes cycling look especially unattractive as a way to get around.

  3. Ghost Rider

    TN — thus my statement about the principles of layering being the same despite this video’s focus on “special gear”. One doesn’t NEED cycling-specific cold weather gear to stay warm and dry out there, although sometimes that’s the best way.

  4. Winter Gear

    You’ve got great insights about winter gear, keep up the good work!

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