Great bike security article in this month’s “Outside”

You may have seen an Outside Magazine article about Lance Armstrong and the nefarious dealings of his organization LiveStrong floating around the bike webs recently, but in the same issue is a far more interesting bike article…something that is near and dear to our hearts as transportational cyclists.

The article is called “Who Pinched My Ride?“:

The thief. There he is. Caught, if only on tape.

He walked into the frame on a beautiful sunny January afternoon, or what the camera mounted on the front of the Penn Club referred to as 13:29:36. He was dressed like a bike messenger, but he didn’t have a bike. (Yet.) He looked at mine and took out his phone.

After the call, he sat on a standpipe and waited. I was inside the Penn Club, eating a hamburger and talking to my sister. The key to my lock—a foolishly thin flexible Kryptonite cable—was in my pocket.

I suppose I didn’t really believe in the little cable. Maybe I never believed in the bike, either—a blue Novara Metro hybrid. Heavy and ugly, it was the second-cheapest model in my local shop. Maybe it was the sunshine in winter or the teeming crowds or the expensive real estate. Maybe it was the hope—naive, but apparently endemic—that it would never happen to me. Not that quickly. Not in broad daylight.

Read the full article by clicking here.

We’ve discussed bike security quite a bit here on — perhaps our best article was by Noah, and his article includes links to other locking-strategy articles we’ve written. Also, there are quite a few excellent comments from our readers. Why don’t you swing on over and take a look?


  1. Chris

    I totally sucks to have your bike stolen. After it happened to me, I was so mad. Now I have a folding bike and I keep it inside as much as I possibly can. I know nothing is theft proof 100%, but I feel like if someone has to break into my apartment to steal my bike, that’s a lot harder to do than just breaking a lock/cutting a cable on the street.

  2. JonO

    Good post. This is why just about everything I have on my bike comes off so I can bring it inside. I commute in a suburban area but unfortunately, people will steal anything that isn’t tied down…and sometimes they steal stuff that IS tied down.

  3. Mike Myers

    I’m lucky to live in an area where bike theft is really not a problem but I still employ a two lock strategy and take my electronics off the bike when it’s parked. I leave my seatbag and panniers on the bike. It would suck if somebody stole them, but toting them everywhere is a pain. They’re cheap panniers anyway.

    I do worry sometimes that somebody’s going to steal my Brooks. I probably should invest in some Pitlocks.

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