Quick Tip-Rain Gloves

Find yourself needing to keep your hands dry in the rain? Here’s a quick tip that helps. What I do is place a pair of disposable gloves over my riding gloves.
This keeps the water and wind out, thus keeping your hands nice and dry.

Keeping a spare pair of disposable gloves in your bag is a good way to keep your hands clean if you’re facing an impromptu repair on the way to work, too…changing a flat inner tube or having to handle a greasy chain is no problem if you’ve got some gloves handy to ward off the grime!


  1. Andreas

    Love it! Shared it on my Twitter πŸ™‚

  2. Mike Myers

    I’ve carried latex gloves in my repair kit for years. Having tan bar tape kind of motivated me. Haven’t used them in the rain yet. Good idea!

  3. Ghost Rider

    The newer nitrile gloves (my wife’s a medical professional, so she can score boxes of the really good purple ones) are solvent-resistant, so I use them when doing maintenance work on my fleet. I keep spares in my repair kit, too.

  4. Downfader

    Have seen people do that with marigolds (gloves for handwashing crockery). My hands tend to get too sweaty for that, I’d just carry spare gloves

  5. Elizabeth

    Good idea… there are the tighter fitting ones too to layer underneath which I hear work for keeping warm, too. Haven’t tried it yet, but thanks for reminding me! πŸ™‚

  6. wvcycling

    I often keep the rubber gloves on the inside of the gloves. This often keeps my hands insulated too~

  7. DavidAcosta

    Great advise!!!

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