Bike To Work Week: Rookie Commuter Resources

I love my Bike in all the months.

Hello enthusiastic readers – year-round cyclists, beginner cyclists, or future bike commuters!  Like the title above says, next week is Bike to Work Week! May is also the only month where you can cycle to work and get loads of freebies – safety tuneups, swag, blinkie lights, bike maps, and bike buddies.  Check out Jack’s article for handy links. For the bike-commuters-to-be and fledgling velodactyls, the staff writers at Bike Commuters wanted to share some tips, inspiration, and motivation to make May’s Bike to Work Week the best. week. ever. Everyone remembers the first time they rode a bike, and our readers have told us how they got started pedaling to work, and it turns out Bike to Work Week is a great starting point!

Here’s a list of some great articles I call the Rookie Commuter Resources. Hand selected and gleaned by yours truly… and don’t forget to read the comments, sometimes you guys are the ones with the best tips for bike commuting!  Enjoy:

  1. Let’s Bike – This year, Elizabeth presented the basics on bike commuting at her job.  She asked our readers to give their advice to newbie commuters.  As Ghost Rider says, “the comments are GOLD” in this one.
  2. 10 Bike Commuting Myths Dispelled Jack’s buddy Alan Snel shines truth on all myths related to bike commuting.
  3. My Conversation with a Cop about Bikes, Traffic, and Safety TipsRL hashes it out with his friend “Officer Ben” to discuss the legal stuff and how to bike commute safely within the law!
  4. Out of My Way, Boys!This article is by Dottie from Let’s Go Ride a Bike.  A funny read for Cycle Ladies getting pumped to tear up the streets!
  5. Commuting in Style (Pint-Sized Edition) Matt gives some tips on how to bike commute with tiny humans (a.k.a. children).
  6. Friday Musings – Top 3 Must-Have Bike Commuting AccessoriesReaders share their thoughts on their favorite commuter accessories.

We know there are more out there, on our site and others, so please share more links in the comments box for any Rookie Commuter Readers out there getting pumped for Bike to Work Week: May 14th through 18th!  Pedal Forward, Cycle Ladies and Gents!

Lookin' fly, Priscilla! Bike to Work Week with your DOG!


  1. John

    If you commute in the dark you will definitely need lights and is often the case when you turn them on there is no juice left in the Batteries. So bring spare Lights an extra white one for the front and a red for the back,it is no good trying to change batteries in the dark and the pouring rain .

    Bring Overtrousers to keep your Trousers dry in case of rain and Gaiters for Shoes if you have money for them. Bring some Tools in case you have to tighten your Brakes if not working well in the rain and some Tyre Levers and spare Tube/s. Bring a Raincoat or Bike Jacket to keep you dry if it rains.

    I like those Helmets with Red Lights on the back ,some have two lights,very handy if your main rear light fails also handy on country Roads with no Street Lights. Get Mudguards/Fenders in case of rain or you could be wet for the rest of the day. Try and get Puncture/flat resistant Tyres with Kevlar belt. City Streets are notorious for Punctures unlike Country Roads because of bits of Glass Screws and stones on the roads and anywhere Hedges are being Trimmed there could be Thorns.Dublin Ireland.

  2. Mirna Acuna

    Bike Week ends May 13 in Salinas Ca. Lets Ride!

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