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Not too long ago, I met up with the folks at Motiv Electric Bicycles. They gave me one of their bikes to test out for the site. But before I get into that, I wanted to talk about how you could customize your very own e-bike.

If you were to visit Motiv’s website:, you can actually pick and choose the colors for your frame, rims, tires/cockpit and battery pack size. Below is what I went with. I had thought about going for the hot pink…but decided to stick with something more conservative.
motive shopping

Here she is in all her glory. Not bad eh? Ya I noticed that the tires didn’t quite match the photo above, but I was pretty happy with the overall look of it.
Motive Electric Bike

To view the specs of the bike, click on this link: Specs

Motiv comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame (as long as you are the original owner). The battery carries a 2 year warranty as well. More warranty information can be found by clicking here:Warranty

Originally Motiv Electric Bicycles set me up with a 36v battery pack. This actually rode well — very smooth — and gave me distance of 23 miles per charge with a top speed of 20mph. Then, at the 3 week mark, they provided me with their bigger battery pack, the 48v. According to Motiv, this pack would let me go faster. Sure enough, they were right! I hit a whopping 31mph and traveled 21 miles in one charge.
Motive Electric Bike
Rear motor has good torque and mated with the 48v battery pack, I was cruising up the hills un-assisted (no pedaling).
Motive Electric Bike

Motiv’s frame is pretty unique when it came to the battery placement. Other e-bikes we’ve tested either have the battery pack in the back or between the head and seat tube. The problem with the rack pack design is that your center of gravity is…well…off centered. To me, those types of bikes feel less stable. But Motiv placed their pack directly behind the seat tube, which basically sits it in the same location as the rider would. This in turn gives the rider (me) a more natural feel. Having the pack in this location makes it feel less squirrely when riding.
Motive Electric Bike
Motive Electric Bike

I think the best thing Motiv did was spec their bike with 7″ disc brakes. With the added weight of the motor and battery pack, you’ll need decent braking power. Again I dare compare it to the other E-bikes that I’ve tested. The 6″ disc brakes on the OHM Urban XU700 was ok, but not great. But these 7″ rotors mated with Tektro levers and calipers…this bike literally can stop on a dime. Just think about it, when you’re rolling at 27MPH and need to stop right away, you NEED those big brakes!
Motive Electric Bike

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and answer a few questions you may have. “How does it ride?” Well, it rides like a beach cruiser. The upright riding position is great for leisure riding. It surprisingly corners really well with its Schwalbe Fat Frank tires. No flat tires during the testing period, wheels stayed true and no mechanical issues ever occurred. Oh did I mention it comes with a bell? Ding Ding!
Motive Electric Bike

How much does it cost? The test bike I had retailed $1929.99 (with 48v battery pack). Though it may look like a beach cruiser, the Motiv Electric Bicycle can easily be outfitted with fenders and racks since the frame has eyelets and mounts for them.
Motive Electric Bike

Who should buy this bike?
The Motiv Electric Bicycles actually sell more to Baby Boomers than any other demographic. Truth be told, this e-bike is a ton of fun. Not only is it cheaper than the Ohm XU700 and Urbana Current that we tested, but it’s faster too!

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  1. BluesCat

    Boomer BluesCat here. I use my e-bike on Mondays, when I have a lot of gear to take into the office.
    What’s the weight on the Motiv, RL? My older model A2B Metro weighs 60 pounds; the new one tips the scales at a whopping 81 pounds.
    I like the idea of 26″ tires. Some e-bikes have smaller, 20″ wheels, and while that’s okay it’s a little bit more difficult to get those moped-type tires at a bike shop. And the ability to use standard, cruiser bike accessories is a big plus.
    Any consequences with having an e-bike go faster than 20 mph? I understand that some states will require to license/register/insure an e-bike that goes 30 mph. And they’ll cite you if you ride them on sidewalks or multi-use paths.

  2. Matt

    I didn’t know you were a boomer RL, you’re looking good for your age!

    How does it do in assist mode (and how does it pedal when the charge runs out)?

  3. RL Policar!

    haha no Matt, I’m only 35. But the bike pedals just fine without the motor engaged. There really isn’t an “assist mode” you have a throttle and you can engage the motor whenever you want.

    AT BluesCat-I can’t recall the weight, but it was 40+

  4. Mike Myers

    I like the idea of an electric bike. Something like the Motiv would be ideal for someone who lives near work and wants to ride in street clothes. With that sort of range, one could simply charge at night.

    I would like to see a company put a high efficiency electric motor/battery on a fairly light road bike.

  5. Buddy Charles

    I ride my motiv to work everyday and am very happy with it. I went with the 36v and it has more than enough zip to give me a fun ride to and from. My wife’s birthday is fast approaching, maybe I’ll put a bow on mine give it to her and buy myself the 48v.

  6. The Daily Cycle

    I have dealt with the BionX kits and they are just as much as this complete bike. Never heard of Motiv, they look awesome and seems to work. Will add to my recommendation lists for people.

  7. sknigh

    Thanks for the review of electric bike, you can also read review on UseMyReviews as well.

  8. Rich Corcoran

    Just ordered a motiv spark in army green and can’t wait to hit the streets. Will do a review after it arrives.

  9. Walter

    Very detailed and informative. I’d like to try a Motive sometime. Pretty cool how your customized bike turned out.

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