Interbike 2012-It’s coming up!

If you didn’t know, America’s largest bicycle trade show is in less than 2 weeks. Last year I had the pleasure of providing the good looking readers of media coverage of the show.

This year we’ve partnered up with our super awesome friends at Planet Bike so we can host our very first (cue the echo sound effects) Interbike SWAG Giveaway Contest, brought to you by the handsome folks of Planet Bike!

So here’s how it’s going to work: Our Media Crew, yours truly and Hermes, will be working hard at Outdoor Demo and Interbike, collecting swag stuff from various vendors to accompany the GRAND PRIZE that Planet Bike has generously provided. What’s in the Planet Bike Grand Prize? Dunno, sexy Chris F. of PB said he’d surprise us, but whatever it is, it should be really good!

We’ll provide more contest details as we approach closer to the show date.


  1. Mir.I.Am

    RL – be sure to check out Citizen Bike if they will be there… I am wondering about the quality of their 16″ wheel teeny tiny TOKYO folder for travel options! Maybe they will hook it up with a tester for me to ride and bring on the plane for Costa Rica and Mexico commuting!

  2. Mauricio Orantes

    DO you have an extra pass? I would like to attend. Please!

  3. RL Policar (Post author)

    No sir.

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