Friday Musings: Help name my bike

As most of our readers may recall, my faithful commuter bike – Toro – was stolen earlier this summer. πŸ™ Fortunately the friendly bike community came to my rescue!

From borrowing a friend’s bike:

Riding Dottie's bike Coco

To riding a bike from Heritage Bicycles for a day (review to come):

Riding Daisy from Heritage Bicycles

But most importantly, I adopted a “new to me” bike:

"New to me bike", a.k.a. the blue bike

I’ve been riding around town on this Trek 820 mountain bike now pretty consistently for the past month and am getting used to the different riding style of a mountain bike. There are a few tweaks that I may make, especially for the long-term, but she’s been great so far.

SO, now, fellow Bike Commuters, today’s Friday Musing: What do I name her?

For the past month, I’ve referred to her as the blue bike or just simply as “Blue”. But a few friends and colleagues have recently started the name game and have made a few suggestions. This is where you come in – please vote on one of the suggestions OR add a suggestion of your own:


  1. Graham

    I vote for a new name altogether. Since you seem to be convinced that your bicycle is a “she” (some bikes are definitely boys), then how about a play on both the color and her gender…

    I vote for “Babe”. As in the blue ox. Seems appropriate for a mountain bike that’s being pressed into daily service.

  2. Ghost Rider

    I’ve never really understood naming objects, but hey, I submitted my vote anyhow.

  3. Elizabeth (Post author)

    I don’t “need” to name my bikes. But some of them just take on a personality. The name Toro was more of a description but it worked. It all started when a friend nicknamed my first bike (the purple one) the “Tank”. So I guess I’m seeking the best nickname to fit… if possible.

  4. Jeff

    I think that naming a Blue Bike, ‘Blue’ anything is like naming a Car, LeCar.

    So that is my vote—call it ‘MiCar’, because it is.

  5. Paul

    Nice. I have a Specialized Rockhopper of about the same vintage. I’ve had it since 1994. In the winter, I ride it with studded tires. It has the same PB fenders on it. Where’s your front fender?

  6. Elizabeth (Post author)

    @Paul – good catch on the missing front fender. I didn’t have it with me at the time I installed the rear fender. It will get installed before foul weather moves in. I’ve considered slicks for riding in nice weather. And I have a pair of studded tires to try out this upcoming winter.

  7. Elizabeth (Post author)

    Thanks for the votes so far… one person has voted for the name “Grover” and that reminded me that a co-worker had suggested the name “Cookie” (as in Cookie Monster).

  8. Brandon Wilson

    “Indigo Fox”

  9. Ghost Rider

    I hope you will publish the list of other names people submitted! This should be interesting!

  10. BluesCat

    Just so ya know, Bluetiful is ALREADY TAKEN!

  11. Dan

    I’ve been commuting forever on an orange/red Trek 820 that I bought in the late 90s. I call it “the Trek”.

    My other bike, a Trek 1.0 road bike, is called “the Trek”.

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