Interbike 2012: Planet Bike with Chris Follmer

Met up with our long time buddy Chris Follmer who showed us some of Planet Bike’s 2013 offerings.

First up, High Performance saddles that offer titanium rails and cushy gel.

Air Smith pumps.
Built in extractable hose so you don’t snap the stem off your tube.
Presta and Schrader ready.
More COWBELL was the idea, but these are made for your bike. Pretty looking brass gives a classy look.
But they have colors available.

Their KOKO rack now comes in white.

Their Superflash lights all received a new push button, making it sweeter than before. I was telling Chris that if things don’t work out at Planet Bike, he’s got a future in Hand Modeling.

The Road tape is great on the hands.

As we promised, we have a great prize package that Planet Bike donated. One lucky winner will win the contents of the box that Chris is holding. Care to guess what it is?


  1. Chris Follmer

    The anodized bells are something we are kicking around. Let us know what you think!

  2. Ghost Rider

    Well, Chris, I like them a lot! I prefer the tone of a brass bell, but aluminum in pretty colors is a nice touch.

  3. Chris Follmer

    Thanks Jack! I agree the sound of brass is much better, but the other colors do accessorize the bikes!

  4. spencewine

    My first thought was beer…but that was a reaction to the box. Then I thought, what would fit in the box and what would be a sweet prize….Perhaps it’s a combination of all of the above products, except the rack…I doubt that would fit in the box?

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