Interbike 2012: Yuba Boda Boda

Cargo bike company Yuba came out with a new model called the Boda Boda. This beautifully designed cargo bike has to be one of the most handsome cargo bikes on the floor at Interbike.

I love the white paint with the walnut colored wood trim.

Eyelets galore!


Dual kick stand for extra stability.

Overall, my favorite cargo bike at Interbike.


  1. Graham

    I completely agree and have been saving my pennies in earnest to purchase one. Of course in the interim, if bikecommuters wants me to test-drive one for a bit in order to give everyone an idea of how it runs, well then I’d be happy to oblige!

  2. Ghost Rider

    Graham…if you get one, we’re always happy to host “guest reviews” here. I’d really like someone to test one of these who also has Xtracycle experience so they can be compared/contrasted.

  3. Kim

    I’m just curious, why is the seat tube so short? With the racks going up behind the seat post, you probably can’t even lower the seat all the way, so why not make it a couple of inches higher? My little finger also tells me it would be stronger, especially if the two tubes behind are also attached higher… So what am I missing? Why did they choose this design?

  4. Ghost Rider

    @Kim — It’s a design issue. A long unsupported tube would have too much sway (resulting in stress cracks, eventually), and the rack tubes are mounted low to provide more stiffness to the cargo area. The more closely-joined the various structure tubes are, the more rigid the entire frame. It does look like they could add another inch or two of seat tube, however.

    Looks like Yuba also wants to ensure step-over clearance with the overall design. Being able to straddle a cargo bike’s frame with your feet is a HUGE benefit, especially when towing heavy loads.

  5. Matt

    I’d like to know how the riding experience differs between this and Yuba’s larger cargo bike – the Mundo. I test rode a Mundo earlier this year and I liked it, but it was pretty big! Also a little sketchy on the gravel part of the parking lot where I rode it… really easy to wash out since the weight was so heavily concentrated out back (even unloaded).

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