Interbike 2012: RockiNoggins

Earlier, I know we covered another helmet cover called the “Helmet Hoodie” but some still are looking for something that fits their wardrobe better.

When I started bike commuting a couple of years ago, I remember not wanting to wear a helmet. I wanted to look cool. I thought helmets made me look stupid. Every helmet I tried on, besides those that cost around 100 dollars, I thought, made me look foolish. So I went on riding a bike for a few weeks without a helmet until I saw a PSA about cycling head injuries. That weekend, I went to Wal-Mart and purchased the cheapest helmet (I’m a bit of cheap-skate) despite how it made my head look.

Now I may have been lucky enough to be convinced by a safety video. But what about those that haven’t been convinced to get a helmet? This is where RockiNoggins comes in.  Elissa Heller, an Acute Care Nurse for 30 years saw there was a need for cyclists to wear helmets. According to Elissa, 20% of traumatic brain injuries are of people not wearing helmets when riding a bike. So she teamed up with a hat maker to create helmet covers that would address people’s reluctance to wear a helmet.

Elissa Heller, ACN

I could have gotten the photos from their website but I wanted to showcase how their hats look with my own camera phone. I’ve found that professionally done photos are usually not the best way to gauge whether something will look good on me. My impression? It’s hard to notice that someone is wearing a helmet with these on–they look like slightly oversized hats. As a matter of fact, while I was interviewing a couple of the exhibitors from RockiNoggins, a few people asked with a SMILE (Yes, I put the word in bold, italicized capitals), “Is there a helmet under that?”

To me it was obvious that it had to be a helmet cover. But to the few that stopped the interview to verify if it was just a hat, they could not tell the difference!

All helmet covers have a clip for bike lights to increase visibility at night.

Look closely and you can see the Helmet brim.

Here are a few additional styles from their site.








So, what started out as trying to find a solution to decrease the number of people with traumatic brain injuries, Elissa Heller, found a good way to increase helmet use while providing a way to be fashionably forward. And for those that are looking for a more fashionable option than, say, a Helmet Hoodie, RockiNoggins is a good alternative.

Cost: $24.95-$33.95

Size: One size fits all.

Company Site:


  1. Tina Pham

    What a cute idea! I’d wear it. Great job RockNoggins.

  2. Raiyn

    I’m sorry, did you say “fashionable”? Looking like a Talosian hipster is now fashionable?

    I just don’t see the point. I’d like my helmet cover to actually have a purpose (ie: keep my head dry in the rain or providing an additional lit / reflective surface)

  3. Hermes (Post author)

    @Raiyn: to each his own. I’m sure you don’t ascribe to all bike brands. If everyone was the same there’d be only one bike brand out there. Some of them are waterproof…

    Not quite sure what a Talosian Hipster is…

  4. Raiyn

    Try Google

  5. Hermes (Post author)

    @raiyn: I just googled it. Star Trek, got it.

  6. Raiyn


  7. Ghost Rider

    Ewww…a Star Trek reference? On THIS site? Raiyn, you should be ashamed…there are only Star Wars fans up in here. Well, I’m a Star Wars fan, and that’s all that really matters.

    I think these covers are cute and a good idea, but I tend to agree with Raiyn in that I’d like to see some additional functionality coming along for the ride.

  8. bigbenaugust

    If it gets more people wearing helmets, bring it on.

  9. fig

    Part of the protection from a bike helmet comes from the slick coating – it allows more of the force of your head hitting the ground to be transferred into sliding forces, and thus reduces the compression forces to your skull. Putting a non-slick hat on your helmet can reduce your helmet’s level of protection. They’re cute, but I think its better to just go without.

  10. Elizabeth

    I like it… and a big bonus by having the rear attachment for a bike light.

    However, I also have a light affixed to the top of my helmet pointing forward that I would not be able to use with this cover. (it’s the problem I have with most covers actually)

    But overall – thumbs up, esp on keeping the price fairly reasonable.

  11. Elizabeth

    Do they fit over road helmets too?

  12. Raiyn

    @ Ghost
    So now looking like a Bith nerf herder is now “fashionable”?


  13. Hermes (Post author)

    @fig: Very good point…ya it’s definitely better to go without it in my opinion but this is for those that are reluctant to wear a helmet.

    @Elizabeth: The lady modeling is wearing a road helmet.

  14. Graham

    I still maintain that there is no way to wear a bicycle helmet and look cool. However, as I teach high school science, I’ve obviously given up on looking cool forever so it doesn’t bother me particularly.

  15. Raiyn

    @ Graham

    Your comment reminded me of my high school science teacher, safety glasses w/ prescription lenses worn at all times, pocket protector, skullet, bad Einstein style mustache, 80’s Cosby show sweaters worn in the mid 90’s and constantly reeking of pipe smoke. We always wondered what ELSE he smoked in that pipe…

    Of course nobody really wore helmets in those days unless you wanted to look like Toad from Super Mario Bros. 2

  16. Hermes (Post author)


    Play nice with others dude… no need to bash other readers even if you mean it in jest (it doesn’t come off that way).

  17. Ghost Rider

    @Hermes — I think you misunderstood Raiyn’s intentions. It’s all good here.

  18. Raiyn

    @ Ghost
    I think one of his winged sandals came untied. ;p

  19. Hermes (Post author)

    right on. my mistake. =)

  20. Raiyn

    @ Hermes
    No worries. I really did have a HS science teacher EXACTLY as I described.

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