Interbike 2012: Torker Bicycles

I’m a huge fan or Torker Bicycles for the mere fact they produce bikes that are reliable, functional and very affordable. I was pleased to take photos of the new line up for 2013. Please forgive the unfocused shots, not sure what happened to my camera, but I’m sure you can get an idea on how the bike is supposed to look.

Check out this beauty, this is the Torker T29. It’s basically a beach cruiser, but a 29er.


I’m really digging the color!

Here’s a nice Interurban Mixte, but my camera decided to focus on the woman in the background.


I love Mixte frames.

This is the Graduate Mixte





U3, It’s a 3 speed with drop bars. From what I can tell, this is a new offering by Torker.





  1. Matt

    I like the looks of the U3 – looks very practical for getting around quickly, and the price is nice!

    The T29 looks pretty good, but it’d look better with better brakes. I don’t like the rear-brake-only cruiser style much – it’s aesthetically pleasing, but aesthetics don’t help much when you’re trying to stop on wet pavement! Also, I backpedal all the time… would take some getting used to for me!

  2. Graham

    Coaster brakes on upright bicycles work fairly well because your weight stays pretty close to the rear wheel. I admit that it does take a bit of muscle memory, but you remember it from when you were a kid really quickly.

    Just remember that the front brake is still for stopping quickly, unless of course you’re trying for that super-sweet J-skid!

  3. Ghost Rider

    @Graham, there’s no front brake on the T29.

    The muscle memory thing is a good point, though…when I tested the Oso a couple years ago, that coaster felt really alien at first, but then I channeled all my youthful tire-burning history and skidded like a pro. The inability to get the pedals just right for starting after a light was annoying, however.

  4. Graham

    Sorry, I don’t know how I missed that. My head got sunburned yesterday because I forgot my hat. (Being bald sucks) Let’s just chalk it up to that.

  5. Mir.I.Am

    Bike Lust over the T-29 with blingin’ orange frame and fatty wheels! Hook it up with a test ride Torker!!!

  6. Ethan

    The Torker bikes are great in appearance, Interurban mixed with best of features, size and above all reasonably priced.

  7. ridonrides

    i’m intrigued by the drum brakes of the graduate mixte. i’ve read that they’re good in all weather because it’s sealed, but other sources say the stopping power isn’t great. don’t know which one to believe! i used to ride with a coaster brake. now that i use hand brakes, i don’t think i can go back! i like being able to adjust the pedals into a starting position which you can’t do on coaster brake. you pretty much have to dismount with your pedals already in starting position, because scooting forward will cause the pedals to move.

  8. ridonrides

    i have seen people backpedal slowly when coming to a red light. what are they doing exactly? is it just to slowly come to a stop??

  9. Ghost Rider

    @ridonrides — they may be on a fixed-gear bike, which requires backpressure on the pedals to stop if there are no hand brakes.

  10. Raiyn

    @ Ghost
    If they were pedaling backwards (slowly or not)on a fixie they’d be going in reverse.

    I sometimes find myself doing exactly what rideonbikes describes while coasting to a stop on my geared bikes. It’s not really a conscious thing, but it is useful when setting up for the first power stroke off the line “putting your best foot forward” as it were. It’s possible that it’s a residual thing from my coaster brake days too….

    There are also “kick back hubs” see
    that rely on backpedalling to shift between gears. They aren’t that common anymore but they are out there.

  11. Ghost Rider

    Oh, I read “backpedaling” as “backpressure”. My reading comprehension is lacking in the afternoons…

    I rotate my cranks to the power stroke, but not random backpedaling as I coast. I don’t know what’s up with that.

  12. Raiyn

    No worries Ghost.
    Yeah, I find myself doing it at times while coasting to an intersection as described but that’s about it.

  13. Yappendog

    About drums brakes. I have a Torker Graduate with drum brakes and I love them. Although they may feel like they don’t have the braking power of disc brakes I have no problem quickly stopping on fast downhills with all of my 245 lbs weigh plus an extra 10 lbs on the rear rack pushing me. Modulation is excellent, they are not effected by water,dirt,snow, or the how true the rim is. It takes just seconds to adjust them so that the free play in the brake lever is tiny. They last forever and, as with all drum brakes, become better as drums and shoes wear to each other.

  14. ridonrides

    Good to know Yappendog. That bike is looking more and more appealing! As for the backpedaling thing, it’s mostly singlespeed freewheels (I notice them coasting). I wasn’t sure if that maintained momentum in case the light turned green. I have the terrible habit of kicking my pedal up to get it into position which leaves my right shin perpetually bruised.

  15. SM

    Is that grey/silver bike in the background of the U3 photo the 2013 U-District?

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