ICEdot Crash Sensor for smartphones

Editor’s note: We have an unofficial policy here at not to publish articles about “crowdfunded” bike gear/trips/accessories…we field about 10 or 15 a week, on average, and frankly, very few of them are all that compelling. The following, however, is a project that is quite compelling and we are bending our own rules to let you know about it. Read on:

We got an email and presskit from Jonathan Gates, designer at They are currently in the midst of developing a very novel setup for bicyclists, outdoorspeople or anyone else who may need such a device. Basically,

The Crash Sensor is a slim device that will mount as an aftermarket device onto any helmet. When paired with the ICEdot app on a smart phone, the system is able to detect motion, changes in forces and impacts.

In the event of an impact, the device sends critical data to the app which sounds an alarm and initiates an emergency countdown. Unless the countdown clock is stopped, the app will then notify your emergency contacts and send GPS coordinates of the incident so that appropriate follow up actions can be taken.

ICEdot is conducting a fixed funding campaign via Indiegogo. You can visit their funding page by clicking here.

The first component is a small “puck” (the sensor itself) that attaches to the helmet:


And, of course, there’s the smartphone app it communicates with via Bluetooth:


As we mentioned, this could be a very cool device, especially for bike commuters who have to travel the “unbeaten path”, or commute at night…in the event of an emergency, ICEdot’s sensor and app could save lives. We’re all hoping ICEdot is successful with their funding campaign, and if you want to help out, swing over to their Indigogo page and do so.


  1. Aaron Graff

    Awesome product idea! I do a lot of early morning commuting, and have always wondered what would happen if I were to get into an accident and not be able to call for help. I wish these guys the best of luck in their venture and hope this product helps out as many people as it can.

  2. bigbenaugust

    Now that is a pretty good idea. When I saw the title come up in my RSS reader, I thought they’d be using the accelerometers in the phone itself and I’d have to panic every time I dropped a pannier, but the helmet-mounted sensor is much much much better.

  3. Victor

    I’m also a motorcyclist and a few years ago I heard of an Android app that did the same that the ICEdot does. I did a quick search on Play and came up with a few results, for those interested.

    Guardian Angel


    Mountain Bike SOS


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