Bike to Vote (and Vote to Bike)!

As pretty much everyone in the U.S. who doesn’t live under a rock in the middle of the desert knows, tomorrow (Tuesday November 6th) is election day. While I’m sure our readers have a variety of opinions on who to vote for in the presidential election, we here at would like to remind everyone that this isn’t the only thing on the ballot! In many cases, voters will not only elect members of Congress (who by the way can have a lot of influence over bike-related legislation and funds), but also vote on a variety of other issues including bonds. Some of these – such as the one in my district regarding funds for parkland and park administration (including trails) – directly affect those of us who ride. Please look up your ballots before you vote tomorrow, and do a little research on the other items! Some may be important to you and your fellow bike commuters!

Perhaps just as importantly, we’d like to remind everyone that filling in a circle or stabbing at a computer screen isn’t the only way to make an impact on election day. If at all possible, ride your bike to the polls!

Seeing voting-age adults biking to vote can affect others’ impressions of biking as a valid transportation option – and it will show any local candidates or staff that the ability to bike everywhere is on your priority list! Also, many polling places are at schools – so if for some reason you cannot bike to your polling place and it’s in a school, it could be an opportunity to bring up to your local elected officials funds available through Safe Routes to School and other programs to improve access to the schools.

Let’s show those around us that we’re responsible citizens and we have a voice!


  1. Mike Jenkins

    Now I feel bad for walking the mile to my polling place. I shoulda pumped up the tires and coasted down the hill.

  2. Matt

    You’re still ahead of those who drove Mike! Walking is good too 🙂

  3. DoctorKennyG

    I rode to the ballot drop box on Monday.

  4. bg

    Fifty years old, first bike-to-vote experience. I figured it would be easier to park my bike. I have suplimentary lights on my helmet, plus a glasses-mounted mirror. I think I made a positive impression on some voters and grade-school students.

  5. Bob

    Since if bike commute to work, I biked to the polls on my way home. I walked the bike into the polling place and parked it against the wall and got in line.

    I was wearing my cycling clothes when I got in line. Since it was dark I had on my blinkie on my helmet and my Flashbak array of yellow lights on my backpack. Rather than disrobe I just left them on, assuming my wait would be less than 10 minutes.

    After about three minutes in line the man “in charge” came over an asked me to turn my lights off. He said they were “distracting the other patrons”. I politely complied.

    Everytime I changed lines in moving from station to station, someone congratulated me on wearing lights for riding in the dark. Even as I left after voting, one of the attendants said, “it hurt my eyes, but good for you for wearing them!”

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