Do you need your accessories to match?

I’ve always been a fan of matching accessories on a bicycle. Take this photo for example. Fenders, racks, pedals, and chain guard pretty much match everything else on the bike.
commuter bike
But when I see this, I immediately think that I might worry too much about leaving a beautiful machine at a bike rack at the office where I can’t see it for hours at a time.
My old Redline commuter bike was unassuming, it had a grey/black color scheme and I even uglified it just to deter thieves from trying to take it. So I’m curious to know what are you thoughts, do you dress up your bike to look as good as this specimen, or do you dumb it down to detract attention from it. Or perhaps you have a bike like this and you consider it your “going out” bike. Something you use when you’re out getting coffee or grabbing a bite to eat at the local sandwich shop where you could still keep your eyes on it.


  1. BluesCat

    Well, let’s face it, there is absolutely NOTHING I could do to somehow detract attention from my EZ-Sport Bluetiful.

    Even if I were to paint it camouflage, it would STILL attract a lot of attention!

  2. jason

    Hi had a nice Marin hybrid commuter and i was so proud of it, but then it got stolen when I was literally 30 feet away inside a restaurant…with a big window! what a bummer…

    ever since, i’ve been on the lookout for beater bikes that i can commute with. Unfortunately, the old school 10 speeds which work well as commuter bikes are now coming into their own in terms of trendiness and getting a bit too expensive to purchase for the sake of being a ‘beater’ bike.

  3. Tracy Wilkins

    You know…you take that chain guard off there and throw in a little road grime and that bike suddenly becomes a lot more unassuming looking. I don’t go for a lot of bling on my commuter. Just basic black (and dirt).

  4. 2whls3spds

    Both? I have commuted on bling bikes when I knew I had a secure place to lock it up. I have also commuted on beater bikes that were pretty ugly. Around here they will steal anything they can pry loose so nothing is really safe.


  5. listenermark

    The only people who notice the bling are other bike nerds and they are unlikely to steal anything except your style. It’s also tough to fence things that are really unique (ask the knuckleheads who steal famous pieces of art.) I think an entry level Big Brand bike would be easier to move than a boutique bicycle.

    My daily ride is a very nice lugged frame with a Campy groupset, wheels, and a bunch of shiny Nitto stuff. The only things non-bike people seem to notice are the beat up, black spray painted SKS fenders and homemade mud flap.

  6. Raiyn

    I’m kinda in the function and cost before form camp. With my bikes things generally match, but it’s not a prerequisite.

  7. Ken Grubb

    Mostly that bike is showroom shiny. Once it gets a little dirty then I would think it becomes a bit less at risk for theft. On the question of do I NEED accessories to match, no. Do I try to make them match, yes.

  8. Ghost Rider

    On my commuter bikes, I use whatever I’ve got in the parts bins to build them up and maintain them. Sometimes it matches, sometimes it doesn’t.

    On my road bikes, though, I’m an obsessive matcher — I adhere to a rigid color scheme and scrounge until I find just the right parts (even color-matched tires!) to make things just the way I want.

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