Women Bike Shops “Pop-Up” at the National Women’s Bicycling Forum

As a welcome addition to this year’s expanded Women’s Bicycling Forum, the League of American Bicyclists “put out a call for applications [to women leaders in the bike industry] and were absolutely inspired by the diverse array of vendors who responded and delighted to announce the lineup for our Women Bike Pop-up Shop.”

The idea to include vendors stemmed from the theme of this year’s Forum — Women Mean Business, and the vendors who participated in this pop-up shop served to showcase several of these female leaders in the bike industry.

Nearly 20 women-owned bike shops (and causes) decorated the lobby spaces of the National Women’s Bicycling Forum and provided a welcome opportunity for attendees to meet these talented vendors, learn more about their businesses and products, and snag some great deals on awesome bike accessories.

Forum attendees wander the women’s shops showcasing their unique bike accessories.

Cleverhood displayed their rain cape – with reflective accents woven into the fabric for evening visibility:

the reflective grid pattern in the light

And in normal light:

Cleverhood under normal lighting condition

Bird Industries offered stickers saying “Friends don’t let friends wear spandex”:

For keeping a skirt in place, Bird Industries sells a skirt garter, along with other bike accessories

More bike accessories from Bird Industries

Bling from GiveLoveCycle:

Jewelry bling from GLC

Elly Blue and Ellee Thalheimer each had their publications and stickers available:

Elly Blue alongside author Ellee Thalheimer

Ellee Thalheimer’s books

Elly Blue’s publications

Vespertine‘s eco-chic reflective gear:

Vespertine from NYC – chic reflective vest, jackets, belts and pins

Bicyclette‘s bike-inspired accessories for bike, self and home:

Bicyclette’s bike-inspired items

I was especially happy and proud to see Maria from PoCampo (from Chicago!) at this event:

Chicago-based PoCampo’s bike bags and purses

Bikie Girl Bloomers offered a clever way to bike in a skirt (with a skirt hitch- the “skitch”) and fun spandex for wearing under the skirt:

Bikie Girl Bloomers

Nuu-Muu dresses:

Nuu-Muu dresses make biking in sportswear fashionable and easy

Bandbox Bicycle Helmets with their own helmet covers:

This line of bike helmets offers its own bike covers, so you can cycle in your own “hat” style.

Vaya Bags use recycled canvas and recycled bicycle tubes to make bags, purses, belts, wallets, etc.:

Vaya Bags offer items from recycled canvas and bike tubes… I bought myself a cool belt.

In fact, I may be reviewing the Vaya Bags pannier hybrid bag :

Pannier Hybrid Bag complete with backpack shoulder straps, plus clips to attach to a rear bike rack – so you can carry it multiple ways.

Jacquie Phelan of the Women’s Mountain Bike and Tea Society (WOMBATS) also graced the pop-up show with her tunes:

As listed on the League of American Bicyclists’ site, the complete list of Women Bike Pop-up Shop vendors included:

Bandbox LLC
Taliah Lempert, Bicycle Paintings
Bikie Girl Bloomers
Bird Industries
Elly Blue, Taking the Lane Media
Georgena Terry, Heart of Steel bicycles
Georgia in Dublin
Iva Jean
Po Campo
Eleanor Thalheimer, Cycling Sojourner
Vaya Bags

It took all my restraint to not buy something from every vendor. I did buy myself a few items – that were easily packable in my suitcase – but I admired everything I saw and every woman I met. These women have the creativity to meet the needs of fellow female cyclists.

With all this talent in the bike industry, there truly is something for everyone and women need not feel that the bike world is male-dominated. Just demand that your local bike shop stocks these items.


  1. Ghost Rider

    What a cool idea! There is so much goodness going on the cycling industry with woman-fronted companies…really pushing the envelope in terms of practical wear, accessories and a lot of other products.

    I do wish the “bigger names” would realize that they can successfully cater to women by providing REAL products rather than the typical “shrink it and pink it” approach so many still cling to.

    As an aside: Nutcase is a woman-owned company? I did not know that…LOVE their designs!

  2. Dottie

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many women-specific bike accessory vendors. Of course, I know Po Campo and now I can look more into all the other companies. Great to see so much going on there. Thanks for reporting back from D.C.!

  3. Ghost Rider

    And another aside: why are hotel conference room carpets so ghastly? They really detract from whatever’s being presented in those rooms!

  4. Ghost Rider

    @Dottie — there are lots more, too. I’d love to see someone compile a full list (idea, E?) and pitch the hell out of it to help send the message that a ton of women are out there and they are every bit as passionate about bicycles as men are!

  5. Susan Mocarski

    Thanks for including Cleverhood in your post – We had a great time, nice to meet so many of the women working hard in advancing transportation alternatives.

  6. Elizabeth (Post author)

    @Susan – I could have used your Cleverhood this week in Chicago — rainy all week! Any plans to come out with red (or maroon) cape? I’d love the grid pattern on a reddish colored cape 🙂

  7. Maria B

    Thank you for compiling this great round-up! I often find myself (and my Po Campo bags) feeling like an outcast or a mere novelty item in the bike world so it was so great to spend the day with like-minded individuals. Wish we could get together every month!

  8. Karen (Bikie Girl)

    Great post! Thanks so much for including Bikie Girl Bloomers — this was my product debut and it was a blast. I met so many interesting women, and it is truly inspiring to see how many are embracing the bike! I think we should get together and create a virtual shopping mall for women cyclists. Who’s in?

  9. Mir.I.Am

    E – looks like you had a great time (and maybe scored some future review items). There is definitely a market out there for women bike commuters that wanna look good, feel comfortable, and stylish while riding!

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