Bandbox Helmet Review

“Ninety-one percent of bicyclists killed in 2009 weren’t wearing helmets.”

That’s a quote from a website dedicated to Bicycle helmet statistics. (According to Bandbox LLC’s website the number is 95!)

It’s sad that that number is so high especially when plenty of styles could be worn to make it more fashionable–there are helmets in the style that skateboarders use to helmets designed by companies with roots in extreme sports like snowboarding.


















But even with the many options available with, people still ignore the dangers of riding without a helmet all for the sake of avoiding “looking goofy”.

Bandbox LLC, a company similar to Rockinoggins, aims to increase helmet use by designing “attractive bicycle helmets”. While Rockinoggins makes add-ons for helmets, Bandbox LLC makes helmets that deceivingly look like hats.

A couple months after profiled Rockinoggins, Dr. Cheryl Allen-Munley sent a helmet to review. And after a couple of months, here is the review for the model!



Is it a hat?

When I first received the helmet, I asked those around me to see what they thought of the helmet. I wondered if people thought it looked more like a helmet or if it passes off as a hat. The result? People couldn’t tell if it was a helmet or if it was a hat. I suppose somebody could argue that the product doesn’t fully meet its goal in that some are not totally fooled but one thing everyone mentioned was that the helmet looked good.


Bandbox Helmets adhere to the U.S. Law–the CPSC Standard which stands for Consumer Product Safety Commission.

But there is one thing that may prevent some buyers purchasing a Bandbox Helmet–the helmets do not have a surface that can slide upon impact (Bandbox Helmets have fabric for an exterior instead of plastic) I personally think that anything that can increase helmet use is okay so if not looking cool/fashionable is preventing a bicyclist from wearing a helmet, I recommend purchasing a Bandbox Helmet.


Can I use it everyday?

Because the helmet is not ventilated like performance helmets, getting a sweaty head can be an issue. I personally wouldn’t recommend to commuters that like to go fast or to those that have commutes that are longer than 5 miles. Perhaps I’m being nitpicky but I certainly don’t want to arrive to work being more sweaty than I need to.

Bottom line?
I think it’s an excellent product. It fills a need in the market for helmets since plenty of people hate the idea of looking stupid or foolish (use whatever adjective you like) in a helmet. We all agree that any cycling death should be prevented especially if it’s something as simple as wearing a “stupid” helmet.

Our FTC review disclaimer.


  1. Barwin

    Regarding the safety of bike helmets there is an interesting article on which says that the CPSC standards aren’t enough to prevent concussions. So helmets which meet those standard alone do not protect you from the serious consequences that a concussion can give you…
    Here’s the link:

  2. Mike J.

    Would the 91% have survived had they been wearing a helmet?

  3. Doug

    “It’s sad that that number is so high”

    Actually, that the number is so high most likely speaks to the fact that people who were wearing a helmet lived to tell the tale, and that not wearing a helmet puts riders at risk.

    I’m not a person who is passionate about helmets, but for me its like a seatbelt: just something you put on before you go.

  4. Andy

    This issue with your percentage is that most injuries are from non-serious bike riders on sidewalks, riding unsafely, potentially drunk too. They were just as likely to crash whether they were wearing a helmet or not. The hard data just isn’t out there, but of “serious” cyclists, who aren’t racing, the chance of hitting your head is so low that it’s not worth getting religious over. Some study actually showed that you were more likely to hit your head while walking or driving, yet we don’t ask why people don’t wear helmets for those activities.

    I ride a lot, and I do wear a helmet most of the time. But for quick errands, I just don’t bother.

  5. Ghost Rider

    I love how none of the comments have anything to do with the review itself .

    Is the Bandbox leather or synthetic? And damn, it DOES look like it would be hot to wear in the summer sun.

  6. Raiyn

    As a Veteran of the Internet Helmet War (for ’em) I can relate to Ghost’s comment about the previous viewpoints. I can also honestly say I wouldn’t buy this helmet. No vents and that cover that just looks ready go grab hold of any pavement it encounters are turn offs. This coming from a guy who’s Fredly enough to rock a visor when riding road bikes. For the record, the rule with me is “No Lid – No Ride – No Exceptions”

  7. Chris

    When you lead your story with an irrelevant quote such as “Ninety-one percent of bicyclists killed in 2009 weren’t wearing helmets” you forfeit whatever persuasive force it might have had.
    91% of people who die in auto accidents have brushed their teeth within 12 hours of the fatal collision.

  8. Chris

    Barwin – I read the article in Bicycling. It persuaded me to buy a Scott Lin.

  9. Mike Myers

    It really does look hot. If the makers were to offer a mesh cover, that would solve the problem. Make it look like a summerweight Kangol!

  10. Ghost Rider

    It DOES look kind of Kangol-like. Hiphop stylie!

  11. Raiyn

    @ Ghost & Mike
    Oh now that’s just great! Next we’ll have Samuel L. Jackson wearing his helmet backwards while yelling about being sick of these M-F cars in this M-F bike lane.*


  12. Cheryl Allen-Munley

    Hermes is wearing an Ascot Bandbox Bicycle Helmet Hat intended for cool weather. We have many hot weather styles with open weaves that efficiently exhaust moisture wicked by the Versatech wickable liner. Check out the Daytona or Denver on the site. Or better yet, when in Asheville, try on some helmets at Motion Makers Bicycle Shop.

  13. Ghost Rider

    Cheryl — thanks for that.

  14. Raiyn

    Cheryl, I’m not knocking your helmet, but I sweat like Brendan Fraser in Bedazzled when he becomes the basketball player.
    Those tiny vents won’t cut it for me in FL.

    Best of luck on what looks like an interesting product

  15. Jenny

    There is definitely nothing out there like these helmets. I just got the Charleston for my wife on She LOVES it. It’s great for riding to the beach.

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