Handleband for your phone, light, or GPS

Here’s one that caught our eye recently — a unique mounting system for most smartphones. If you follow bike-accessory developments like we do, you may have noticed that there are a ton of mounts available for the ubiquitous iPhone. What about those of us who don’t have/use/care about iPhones, and prefer an Android-based environment? Not nearly as many choices on the market…and we know, because the entire staff here at is iPhoneless. We have to pass up so many mounting devices to test that it would make your head spin!

Enter the Handleband, a simple strap system to mount virtually whatever you want onto your handlebar:


According to the product website:

(1) In use, it is smaller than a deck of cards.
(2) It is removable (so it doesn’t clutter your ride)
(3) It works with any phone, bike and case.
(4) It is simple and robust. (One reinforced unit)
(5) It holds a lot (flashlights, pumps, diplomatic flags)
(6) It is a bottle opener.

Currently in pre-order phase on Kickstarter, we’ve been promised a review sample just as soon as one becomes available. Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.

And yeah, it works for iPhones, too.


  1. CF

    Thanks. Tempting. Saw something in a similar vein at But seemingly impossible to ship outside Europe.

  2. Tal

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