Take me to the Motherland… The Port-Motherland.

A-O River! To all the bike commuters that may or may not have followed the past year of sporadic, wtf, travel-inspired posts, the one and only Mir.I.Am is taking off for the cycle kingdom known as Portlandia. Awwww yeah, birches. I can’t wait to be part of the transportation majority! Clip my feet and grow me a beard, I’m getting a tattoo and retiring in my thirties… Bring it Portland.

That would be PORTLAND! The MOTHERLAND!!!

Boyfriend and I have be chillin’ like villains here in the Northwest, revisiting old Seattle haunts, eating blackberries off the side of the road, and cramming our heads full of piping hot brown caffeine juice in the good ole-fashioned PacNoWe way.


Yes. I did it. This is an emo-romance moment post fancy coffee and sparkling water with the Boyfriend in Portland. P.S. America, when did you start offering bubbly water with your espressos? I thought it was a Buenos Aires thing.

And… You know you’re in the Northwest when the Goodwill has a sweet Schwinn “Suburban” with a front basket and chromed out fenders for $40. A-MAY-Sing.


Okay, okay… that’s enough sepia-toned photos or photos of sepia-toned drinks. What about the beauty of the green trees, mountains, blue lakes, and tiny red folding bikes you borrow from your friends when you are in town for work!? These are the moments that keep me coming back for more:


Check out that Tiger’s black leather saddle with SHOCKS. It goes “skreaky-skreaky” everywhere when you ride it. heeeheee.


A 70’s Japanese-made Tiger folder, or the-best-guest-bike-ever-for-when-your-friends-are-in-town… Yes, I am 5 foot and peas, and my friend who’s 6 foot and carrots rides this sucker too.


All locked up at this sweet Bike Lounge at the Bullitt Center in Seattle. Complete with Showers and a bike tune-up station.

I can’t wait til my sister ships me my old orange Schwinn Le Tour II from San Francisco… In the meantime, I’ll dream of three-speed red tigers rolling through the bougie coffee shops in the ultimate hang town of Portland, Oregon.  Any PDX bike commuters out there, hit me up with recommendations for bike-specific awesomeness!



How could you not love this tiny bike?! Tiger-powered!



  1. Ghost Rider

    Nice looking bikes! Good scores all around.

    I am somewhat mystified by that whole sparkling water thing. A great coffeehouse here in Dayton (Ghostlight) serves their espressos that way.

    Can’t wait to see the beard, Mir!

  2. Andrew Li

    Oh man… have to visit Portland soon!

  3. jon

    You’ve gotta check out velocult and the hopworks bike bar while you’re here

  4. matty

    that is an awesome headbadge, tiger rawr!

  5. Mir.I.Am

    @Ghost, I’ve been working on that beard MY WHOLE LIFE in preparation for blending in as a Portlander…
    @Andrew, Let me know if you make it, we should be here for awhile!
    @Jon, Gracias for the recs. Any more on how to met cyclists? Maybe a low-key bike-friendly group? Or a bike kitchen?

  6. Graham

    Are we sure that wasn’t an espresso, Mir?!

  7. bigbenaugust

    When are you going back to the Islands?

  8. Mir.I.Am

    Oh yeah!!! That fancy coffee WAS an expresso, Graham. One of the best, made from some guy who had a waxed moustache (pronounced mah-STAAAAAAAHSH)
    @Ben, I will be island hopping before the end of 2013

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