Need to carry a suit? Here’s a product for you

There’s a lot of Eurobike coverage all over the web right now…tons of new bikes and parts being revealed in advance of our own Interbike visit in a few weeks.

Almost all the coverage I’ve seen has been racing-oriented — new race bikes, new racing kit, new racing components. What about us commuters? What’s new for us?

One thing that DID catch our eye, thanks to the good folks at Bike Biz, is a clever new way to deal with fancy work duds. Do you happen to work in an office where formal attire is required? Struggling to juggle your bike commute and your need to wear a suit? Enter the Freefold:

Presumably, the Freefold works on business suits/attire for men AND women.

There are a couple of kludgy bags on the market now that purport to make suit-carrying easy…and while they work adequately, this Freefold system seems very simple and VERY versatile (you can fit the folded assembly into any messenger bag, backpack, or pannier). This might be just the thing suit-wearers have been looking for!

We’re going to reach out to the Freefold people and see if we can run into them at Interbike. Who knows, we might be able to score a test version to show you.


  1. plh

    Did I miss something? What are the dimensions after it is all put together?

  2. Dan

    I guess. Looks complicated. Would it be easier just to leave some clothes at the office?

  3. Ghost Rider

    The Freefold site doesn’t have a lot of information about final dimensions, but they DO show the packed assembly fitting into a smallish backpack.

    @Dan — may not be an option for all suit-wearers. We’d all like to imagine a spacious office with plenty of room for spare clothes, bikes, etc. and an employer who encourages bike commuting…but we are all too aware of the REALITY, where space is at a minimum and the “kook who rides his bike to work” doesn’t get any preferential treatment.

  4. bigbenaugust

    I wouldn’t use it for commuting, but I would chuck my Samsonite garment bag and fly with it when formal garments are required (e.g., for a wedding).

  5. Cru

    *Starts cutting cardboard and looking for plastic bags…*

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