Product Review: Continental Super Sport Plus Tires

SONY DSCSo a lot of us commuter types end up riding road (ish) bikes with road (ish) tires. Unfortunately, this often means we end up using road tires meant for racer folks, not commuting folks! While they’re not the only players in the game, Continental definitely brings a good solution to market with the Super Sport Plus tires we’ve had on long-term test. They’re equipped with an anti-puncture belt, which according to Continental is “Nearly impenetrable.” The Super Sport Plusses (henceforward referred to by me as SSPs) have just enough tread to lend a bit more confidence on the slightly-sketchy stuff (for super-sketchy stuff you’d be better off with something like this, or possibly this!). The SSPs also come with extra-thick tread – something us commuters can appreciate (because hey, tires can get expensive!). My set was 700×25; they also come in 700×23 and even some 27 inch sizes for those of you riding what I’ll call… “classic”… bikes.

So how do they ride? Well, I mounted them up to my old Bridgestone single speed to test them out, and the verdict was… Smooooth. Also pretty fast for a tire that isn’t that lightweight (no I didn’t weigh them, who do you think I am?). Riding unloaded, I was able to maintain pretty respectable speeds over the course of an hour or two. Recommended inflation on the 700×25 size was 95-120 PSI, but I found 90-95 was the sweet spot for me.

In terms of wet – they work well there too. No real sense of lost grip (though I’ll warn that might change with the narrower sizes – it’s hard to tell what was because of the tire and what was because of the tire size). I would recommend against snow though (sorry E, they’re not gonna be your Chicago winter tires!).

The verdict on flat protection? Well, it’s always hard to prove a negative… I didn’t get any flats on these! I’m not usually riding any glass or tack-studded roads though, so it’s hard to say. I did hit one sharp-edged bump at about 20mph… so I CAN say at a minimum that they don’t pinch flat easily!SONY DSC

Street price for these babies seems to average around $30/tire, though there are a few deals out there depending on which version you’re after. My verdict? Worth the money. You won’t find a heck of a lot that’s much cheaper, and knowing that you’ve got quality tires under you is worth quite a bit.



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  1. Ghost Rider

    I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit this, but in all the years I’ve cycled, I have never tried Continental tires. They almost always get great reviews (particularly their road/racing/training tires like the GP4000). I shall have to put these on my list for when I need new rubber on my touring/commuting rig.

  2. Elizabeth

    These are on my list for commuting tires now… thanks. As you put – likely not for the winter… (tho I do know folks who swear the skinny tires just slice right through the slush on the road). I’ve gotten used to riding the blue bike for my year round commuting (especially nice to have a mountain bike in foul wintry stuff).
    A friend was riding Continentals with kevlar on his commuter when he ran over a shard of metal – no flat!

    Jack – I’ve ridden Continentals on my other bikes and have like ’em – especially the 4 season.

  3. Matt (Post author)

    I don’t know how they’ve been historically, but Continental has been on a roll lately (ba-dum-CHING!) with their tires. On the MTB side their tubeless tires are some of the best around. This is my first set of Conti road tires… but I’m thinking it won’t be the last.

  4. TBD

    Nice review. I’m always leery of the “puncture-proof” tires, because they can ride like iron!

    Glad to read these are smooth on the road.

    700-25 is too small for me, though. On my commuter, 700-28 is as small as I’ll go, and then only on the front.

    Also, be nice to know if they come with a reflective sidewall. That’s something I look for in commuter tires.

    Thanks for the info on this tire. I’m seeing more and more Continental tires in the bike shops in my Florida town, so good to know more about them.

  5. Matt

    TBD – I agree with you on tire width, on my primary commuter rig I’m currently running 700×28 (what it came with) and will move to 700×32 whenever I change over. However, 700×25 is what I can put on this bike, which I sometimes use for commuting but mostly use for casual rides.

    I just re-checked the Continental site and it looks like they DO come in 700×28! I must’ve missed that originally – sorry!

    They do not come with reflective sidewalls – but some others in the lineup do. I generally have enough reflective stuff and lights that I’m not too bothered by the lack of it on sidewalls!

  6. Jeremy

    I used these on a trip from St Malo (France) to Santander (Spain). The bike I used did not have rack lugs and the set up I originally had meant that under shock the rack and mudguards would collapse onto the rear tyre. While cycling over a bridge at about 35mph I hit a joint in the bridge. The sharp edge of the bolt holding the mudguard and rack “bounced” on the tyre cutting three holes in it exposing the anti puncture layer. I took the precaution of carrying a spare tyre for the next 600+ miles but it proved unnecessary. I will replace the tyre with holes in for the next tour but that experience and the total lack of punctures convinced me of their durability. They are pretty heavy but in my humble opinion fine for light weight touring (I carried a tent sleeping bag cooker etcetera) including a little off road.

  7. James

    Continental bike tires are excellent for commuters and regular riders. Their tires aren’t the longest lasting, but heck, at the retail prices they are a bargain. Conti’s are only a little more expensive than CST or Kenda, but the quality is more consistent, and overall Conti’s are the better tire.
    I use Conti for my commuter bike and for my classic road bike. Great tires for great prices.

  8. thomas Kendrick

    Well my first experience riding them was good…but I think I ran into a bad batch…but after a month of riding them the tread developed an annoying twist ….they are rated for 120 psi …and only inflated to 90 to 100 psi…minor cuts …as a bike messenger I always wipe any particles off the tire while riding and also after….it was irritating because after the tread failed your riding on “squared” wheels!!!…..ive complaned but on deaf ears and no refund! …sorry for 25$ USD..I kmow thats cheap but I expect more than a month!!!

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