A Winter of Cyclists documentary

Here’s an interesting item that popped up in today’s Google News feed: a Colorado-based documentary filmmaker and his project “A Winter of Cyclists”.

“A Winter of Cyclists,” from amateur filmmaker and Erie resident Mike Prendergast, tells the story of a group of commuters from Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, and Boulder who emerge on mountain bikes from warm homes in the predawn darkness, endure frigid temperatures and ice-slicked streets on the way to work, and then suit up again — after putting in eight hours at the office — for the post-dusk ride back home.

Their mission: commute to work and back home on a bicycle at least 52 times between the beginning of October and the end of March. It is known as the Icy Bike Winter Commuting Challenge and last winter was its inaugural run.

Read the full article by visiting the Daily Camera page here, and check out the trailer on Vimeo (full-length available for paid download):

Trailer: A Winter of Cyclists from ChainRing Films on Vimeo.

Winter’s coming…and while we’ve written extensively on various winter-commuting tactics, it’s fun and inspiring to see others get out there and roll through the ice and snow.


  1. Graham

    They need the “epic voice-over guy” to include some kind of tag line… “Alone and in the dark, 5 heroes will face the icy unknown in .. A Winter of Cyclists!”

  2. Ghost Rider

    Graham — I LOVE that idea! I will happily volunteer my voiceover duties if the filmmaker gets into contact with me. Any epic NEEDS an epic voiceover guy!!!

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