Weatherproof jackets for commuters

Listen up fellow riders, bad weather shouldn’t be an excuse to leave your bike to gather dust in the garden shed or garage. With today’s cycling-friendly clothing, staying warm and dry in less than desirable weather has never been easier. To show you how, here’s five top jackets that are sure to keep you weatherproofed for the coming months.

There are some top-notch men’s Helly Hansen jackets on Marine and Outdoor Clothing which work hard to keep rain out, and warmth in. Why not start with an essential like the Voss Jacket which offers total waterproof protection and comes in several bright colours – helpful when identifying yourself to motorists if cycling late at night. Or if you fancy something that’s a bit warmer, the Odin Isolator jacket is easy enough to pack away, but warms you up if a flash for those colder rides. It also offers extra wind protection but does just come in dark colours.


We really like the Sportful Womens Show SoftShell Jacket as the fabric not only ensures you’re kept warm and dry, but allows for maximum movement when out on the road; the high collar will also work to keep the chill off your neck. Another good option is the Altura Ladies Night Vision Evo Jacket which is great for commuters and, being reflective, keeps you safe on dark nights.

And for the juniors riders who also need to be kept warm and dry when out, we want something comfortable that will keep the chills at bay. The Helly Hansen Junior Dubliner Jacket has a higher collar, keeping the wearer warm all the way to their helmet, and is totally wind and waterproof.

For many more excellent rain tips and tricks, please visit our “Rain in the Forecast” article from a few years ago.


  1. Paul

    I love the products from Showers Pass. The pit zips in the Elite and others make a huge difference in temp regulation.

  2. Mir.I.Am

    I grabbed a men’s XS of this patagonia torrentshell rain jacket with a hood in neon green over the summer to replace my kids REI version from 2006. The liner lasted a good 7 years. I know hoods are atypical cycling gear, but I think I’ll make it work. So waterproof with pit zips. YEAH pit zips!

  3. Ghost Rider

    @Mir — funny you mention hoods, as I’ve often wanted one on my cycling rain jacket. I’d wear it under my helmet, I think…is that what you do?

  4. NoNeedForAName

    I see no reason to replace my Gore-tex. I don’t need reflective piping when I have my ‘retina scorchers’ blazing.

    Just carry spare batteries & stop buying overpriced, Fred kit.

    Now go ride your bike!

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