Interbike 2013: New Motiv Shadow E-Bike

Remember those Motiv e-bike spy photos we showed you a couple weeks ago? Well, we got to try the new Motiv Shadow out in person at the e-bike paddock just outside the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Motiv’s goal is to produce a pedal-assist e-bike that is a bit more stylish than other offerings, and we think they’ve succeeded — the Shadow takes many of its styling cues from the hot urban cycling market, including deep V wheels and color-matched decals, cable casings and other accessories.


The Shadow will be available with the choice of three battery types: 36V, 36V Long Range, or a tire-smoking 48V. Those batteries are coupled to a rear hub 500 watt geared brushless motor. The bike was a blast around the paddock area!


Motiv also had a dashing hot-pink e-cruiser for testing:

Stay tuned for an upcoming detailed review of the Shadow; RL took delivery of a tester the other day and is enjoying zipping around the streets of SoCal as we speak!

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  1. Mike Myers

    I do like the concept of the e-bike. What is disappointing is the laws in many states which govern e-bikes at 20mph. I don’t understand that, as I regularly go faster than 20mph on my road bike. If I was seen flying down the road at a blistering 30mph on an e-bike, would a police officer give me a ticket while the same act on my roadie would be OK?

    I would like a fast e-bike in touring bike configuration. It doesn’t have to be roadie light, but if the bike could be kept in the 30 pound range(with racks and fenders)it would be an excellent long-range commuter, and could open the world of bike touring to more people. Plus I think it would be fun to ride to work at 40mph or more on a befendered touring bike!

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