Interbike 2013: Axiom Performance Gear

Axiom Performance Gear is probably not a household name in U.S. bike circles…but it should be. They make a HUGE variety of bike products and accessories, but may not have the same brand recognition here in the U.S. as other bike accessory companies. That’s a bit of a mystery to me; for as you will see, the products they make are well-designed, stylish, and readily available through the major bike shop wholesalers like QBP and Seattle Bike Supply.

Prior to our trip to Las Vegas, we’d be Facebook-chatting with Andrew Belson, the product manager and designer behind a lot of Axiom’s products. He gave us an extensive tour of Axiom’s display, focusing on commuter-friendly items we could share with you.

Axiom specializes in products designed to fit a wide range of bicycles, particularly their panniers and cargo racks. Let’s take a look at some of them first:

From the modular Grandtour Series, these panniers feature a host of high-tech features like adjustable pannier hooks, load management straps, and streamlined shaping. The best part of this series of bags is that they are totally modular, with a main bag and detachable accessory pockets. Strap on tent and toiletry pockets for long overnight or cross-country tours, then strip off everything but the main bag for errands and commuting. What a great setup!


The Grandtour Series comes in three sizes: 60 liters, 45 liters, and 30 liters, with accessory pockets that bump up the cargo capacity.


Here’s Axiom’s “Journey” series…panniers for front and rear, grocery bags, rack-mountable briefcases and even a handlebar bag for your iPad!


Need a rack to carry those bags? Axiom has you covered with a wide variety in both expedition-grade steel and aluminum flavors:


A LOT of thought went into the mounting hardware for Axiom’s racks. Most had offset mounts to prevent heel strikes, and they all had a huge range of adjustability to accomodate bikes of several wheel sizes. Take a look at their Uni-Fit mounting plates, which I referred to as “dial a size”. Find the appropriate holes for your wheelsize and bolt into place:


That’s pretty cool right there, and is a perfect example of the details sweated out by the folks at Axiom. With their mounting options, one would be hard-pressed indeed to find a bike these racks wouldn’t fit!

Axiom also makes a line of travel and floor pumps…some of the best-looking ones I’ve laid eyes on, and packed with great features.


These pumps have knurled aluminum bodies, extendible hoses and the “ReValver” that twists to adjust for Schrader and Presta valves. Slick!

Perhaps my very favorite thing I spotted at Interbike was this gorgeous floor pump called the Annihilateair G200A. It was a work of art, with a mirror-polished aluminum body, Headrush dual-valve head, replaceable MTB-style grips and traction pegs on the base. This pump just oozed quality, and if I had a spare $135.00, I’d run out and buy one right now! RL can attest to my interest in this pump…sort of an odd thing to get so excited over, but hey, I’m a bike geek with a serious tool problem:


Axiom showed us so much more…other waterproof panniers with ultrasonic-welded seams, great commmuter accessories, etc. We really had an enjoyable time with them in their vast display. And, we may be able to get our hands on some of Axiom’s products for the purposes of reviewing, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, swing on over to their website for further details on these and their many other products.

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  1. Mike Myers

    I like the looks of the GrandTour panniers—if for no other reason than it’s nice someone other than Arkel offers a tent tube, and for a lower price.

    Carrying a tent is no big deal. Poles, however, are a pain.

  2. Matt

    That floor pump is using PDW Speed Metal grips:

  3. Ghost Rider

    @Matt — I said the same thing to the guys at Axiom. In fact, my exact words were, “oh, SWEET — PDW Speed Metals!”. Axiom insists those are merely grips that anyone can get from a Taiwanese vendor. The way that pump handle is set up, a user could put any grip they wanted on there…Ergons, Ourys, ODI Mushrooms, etc. I covet that pump like few other things…

  4. Ghost Rider

    @Mike — I don’t have a lot of personal experience with the pricey brands like Arkel and Ortlieb, but all the Axiom stuff appears to be REALLY well-made. Good material, excellent finishing (nice tight stitching, radio-weled seams, etc.).

  5. listenermark

    I have used Axiom Cartier panniers with their Streamliner rear rack everyday for 3 1/2 years. The black canvas is a little sun bleached but all of the hardware still works exactly as it should. The rack is robust, thoughtfully designed, and compliments the lines of my 80’s touring bike nicely. Good stuff.

  6. Raiyn

    So maybe I’m old, but this is the first thing I thought of when I saw the “Journey” series….

  7. BluesCat

    Hey, GR. You didn’t mention the attachment method for the Axiom bags to the racks. Is it quick-release? I’m a big fan of being able to pull my bags off the bike, and take them with me, in a matter of seconds.

  8. Ghost Rider

    Here is info on the attachment. I am not familiar with this particular setup, but it is made by the same people as the popular KlickFix system:

    •Rixen & Kaul® Vario adjustable hooks fit 6mm-20mm racks (preset to 10mm)
    •Replaceable Rixen & Kaul® Flip-Lock

  9. Mike Myers

    I don’t understand why pannier manufacturers insist on NOT making a bag available in plain black. I have two touring capable bikes—one is black, and one is purple. I’m not putting red and black bags on those. It will look weird, IMHO.

    Dear manufacturers—Carradice has made all their bags black for decades(although there has been some green sneaking its way in lately). Black is the standard. You don’t have to offer JUST black, but you should offer black.

  10. Raiyn

    @ Mike
    It could be worse, I bought my better half a Seattle Sports Fast Rack Pannier that was only available in Orange.

  11. Mike Myers

    @Raiyn—my gripe might have made more sense if I’d said I had a purple bike and a GREEN one, instead of black. If I put red panniers on a green bike I look like one of Santa’s Elves. LOL

  12. Raiyn

    Her’s are Chrome and Blue. The Chrome one it doesn’t really matter, but while she’s not a Gator Hater it’s not exactly her first choice of combinations. 😉

    Could you imagine the ugly combos you could get with that new Surly Straggler? You’d HAVE to go all black.

  13. BluesCat

    GR – I took a look at the Rixen & Kaul system. It isn’t a quick release system, per se, since it has that typical bungee hook on the bottom.
    My biggest beef with those systems is almost every time I unhook the bag from the drive train side of the bike I mysteriously brush up against some part of drive train and wind up with a greasy black streak on the back of my hand; which I then wind up with on my bag, my clothes, and even — one time — on my face!
    Axiom should look at the quick release systems Ortlieb and (my personal favorite) Vaude uses on their bags.

  14. Chuck Bahl

    I use Axiom bags on my Kona Sutra for camping trips, and I have been very happy with their features and overall performance. I agree that they are a great value and deserve to become a more-recognizable name.

  15. bigbenaugust

    I love those racks. Would it be wrong to throw one on my SSCX bike?

  16. Raiyn

    @ Ben
    Naah They’re a bit more sleek than the norm so what the heck.

    As for me I’m far too enamored with Topeak’s MTX trunk bag system to ever give them up.

  17. bigbenaugust

    Actually, I have had great luck with the Delta on my >1 spd CX bike. I will probably get another Delta for my SSCX go-to commuting rig, especially as these PlanetBike racks keep getting bent out of shape. Maybe I am too hard on my equipment.

    But the best seatpost racks I ever had for my last MTB (it had disc braked) were an Axiom and a Delta.

  18. Mitey Miss

    I’ve been using expedition Ortliebs for years as my commuter panniers, and I was getting tired of looking like a geeky biker off the bike. I got a pair or gray Axiom Typhoon DLX bags. They’re super slim, have a huge capacity, include a wide shoulder strap, and off the bike, a bag looks like a cool satchel. I’m really happy with how they’re both stylish and hard-core functional. Here’s some info about them:

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