News: Change Out Your Wheel for a Smart Wheel!

Any of you bikey kids lookin’ to cut the sweat out of your long commute? Or maybe you’ve been thinking about e-pimping off your bike, but it just looks too tedious and technical to set up on your own? Well, check out this Euro-stylized invention coming out soon: the FlyKly Smart Wheel!

“We want to make cities more livable, and more people, not car friendly!” – FlyKly on the Smart Wheel

I know there have been a butt-load of Smart-themed kickstarters and new projects out, but check the article if you’re interested. Plus there is gray-themed fancy people on bikes photos for your enjoyment, like this:

Thoughts, Cycle Ladies and Gents? Is the “Smart” fad more trouble than it’s worth… Smartphones unlocking your precious commuter bike and programming the speeds on your electric-assist rear wheel? Or is it the unavoidable future?

You know my thoughts, with my lack of texting and my dumbphone and all… Chime in with some comments, puh-leeze.


  1. Matt L.

    Looks like a good (and cheaper) alternative to buying a whole new e-bike. Should be popular in places with hills, rather than NYC where they are making it.

  2. listenermark

    Seems like a clever strategy, but if that thing craps out you are stuck with ten extra pounds of rotational weight. Yuck. And what about setting up a decent chain line? Are they using proprietary batteries? How do you replace parts if the company disappears or is gobbled up by a giant conglomerate?

    I know the Asian market for Ebikes is huge, but those economies don’t look anything like our own. The market for electrical assist in the U.S. is low income and rural, not well heeled Brooklynites who can drop half a G on a rear wheel.

    Traveling under ones own power using common antique technology continues to be hugely appealing to me. It solves many problems while introducing very few.

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