Kickstarter Love: SHY-SPY | GPS/GSM Tracker For Bicycles

Hey Bike Commuting Ladies and Gents! As you know, the Bike Commuters staff are not about blasting you with Kickstarter bike-related paraphernalia, since gods know that there are fluffy piles of that out there in internet land… like bunnies in a pillow fight, yo. But once in a while, there comes a Kickstarter campaign that tickles our fancy. So we are throwing out some virtual Kickstarter Love for the SHY-SPY GPS/GSM Tracker for Bicycles.

Stealing bikes is mean, but real.

Short of bringing your bike indoors with you on a leash at all times (“What, you’ve heard of guide dogs for the visually impaired? This is my guide bike, and I’m car impaired, okay?“) there comes a time in every bike commuter’s life when they have to address security. Bike theft is a problem in all cities and neighborhoods, despite the cycle-owner’s best efforts. Cycle gators, in an effort to protect their bike offspring, may go so far as to register in free city-wide systems, implant smart locks, or OnStar the hell out of your ride.

What? Guide Dogs and Bikes… obvious combination.

So what’s so special about the SHY-SPY? Yet another GPS tracker for your bike… you Cycle Cynics may say, as you virtually (or literally) roll your eyes at this post. Well, let me let them tell you (because copying and pasting is way easier than reading comprehension ;):

When it comes to keeping track of our cycling activity, there are a large variety of choices:

  • Inexpensive Cycle computers: to record the distance, speed, total travel time, but no geolocation data.
  • GPS trackers: There are a lot of GPS trackers out there, in form of wearable watches, or mountable on your stem or handlebars. Professional models could have many additional functions such as power meter, heart rate and cadence sensors; And yeah… they cost a fortune. So you have to protect it as well; Mount it when you ride and take it away when you leave the bike unattended.
  • Smartphones: Using our cellphone  along with popular sport tracking apps such as Endomondo, Strava and Sportstracker is another convenient choice; There is a compromise though and it’s the risk of running out of battery on your mobile phone when you need it the most.
  • With SHYSPY however, you always have a tracker with your bike; The  long battery life of 30 hours, lets you track all the activities with no concern of any kind. Using the SHYSPY app you could monitor you activity and/or download it in GPX standard format to be later uploaded manually to major sport tracker platforms such as: EndomondoStrava and Sportstracker, so you could compare your data with other members and socialize your cycling experience.

SHY-SPY GSM is our low cost alternative to GPS tracking.

Get inside my seat tube any day, SHY-SPY!

What Mir.I.Am loves about this idea:

  1. Welcome to 2014, people: Mir just got texting, so a GPS tracker that can text me the location of my bike sounds pretty nifty and high-tech.
  2. The SHY-SPY can mount  inside your seat tube, for incognito theft-tracking action.
  3. I’m not so interested in tracking my cycling “performance” while commuting, by I am interested in making my life more like any episode of Get Smart.

Click here for the full SHY-SPY Kickstarter details, non Cycle Cynics and skeptics. Enjoy your week and keep your ride safe, however you can!


  1. Raiyn

    Love the idea, but it won’t work for all of my (regular frame) bikes. My resto-mod Schwinn (The Minion) with its 13/16’s seatpost would get left out as would Cantaloupe.

  2. Paul

    I guess it would work reasonably well for the two weeks or so until every bike thief knows to check for it & throw it in the nearest dumpster.

  3. Mir.I.Am

    What can you do? I just try to bring Cantaloupe inside as much as allowed. Also, I’m not so smart with those smart phones… just entering 2014 with – get this – text messaging!!! Whoa.

  4. Scott Hayden

    GPS tracking devices are very useful in modern era where everyday you see some fleet or vehicle are getting stolen. Now days almost everyone prefers to use GPS tracking system to protect their vehicle, fleets, etc. It is not only helpful to protect our assets but also helpful to protect our child and can track their location.

  5. Julio Morán

    Where do i can get one?

    We are looking for some options for testing in my parks.

    How much does it cost?

  6. Raiyn

    @ Julio
    If you had clicked on the link provided in the first paragraph you would have found that the project was unsuccessful.
    This project’s funding goal was not reached on March 19.
    In fact it only made about a third of it’s target so you will not be able to buy this.

  7. George Baken

    Nice catchy name, “Shy-Spy | GPS/GSM”. It looks like it is easy to install and difficult to detect from thieves prospective.

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