How to keep riding if you work from home

As you may know, life tends to throw us a few changes here and there. One of the major changes I’ve had to deal with was having to work out of my home. My office used to be about 8 miles away and I’d commute there with my bike. But now that my commute is literally a few steps away from my bedroom, I surprisingly get more riding done now than I did in the last 4 years.

Not sure if you know what it’s like to work from home, but you can get a bit of cabin fever. I know for myself I need to get out once in a while, interact with people, breath fresh air and get some sun. If you can relate to any of those, then here’s some things that I do to help me get my bike “fix” on.

1. I often have meetings at Starbucks about 2 miles away. I’ll hop on my bicycle and ride there. In fact I once took the sidecar to my meeting and my client was so impressed by this machine. However, I couldn’t convince him to go for a ride with it.
bicycle sidecar on

2. I go out for lunch. I’m in between Downtown Brea and Downtown Fullerton, so that means I’ve got plenty of choices to eat at. I also will arrange lunch dates with various friends who work or live in the area.

3. I run errands with my bicycle. If I’m out of ink for my printer or need more coffee beans or have to run to the bank, the bicycle is much easier than having to use my motorcycle or car. I actually use my motorcycle quite a bit. I do so when I have to run longer errands. But doing so poses it’s own challenges. With a motorcycle, I have to get on all my riding gear, get it out of the garage, make sure there’s gas and by the end of it, I smell like fumes…but it’s still better than having to take the car around town.

4. Just get out. Sometimes you don’t need any other reason to get out there and ride. Many times I find myself stuck…you know like writer’s block. So to get my mind flowing again, I get on the bike and ride around for about 10-15 minutes. It’s kinda like how dryer sheets help Tina Fey’s writing…

So if you work from home, you can still be a bike commuter. Just find ways to use your bicycle when you have to get out of your home.


  1. Seattle

    Good piece, and I’m in a similar situation. I’ve worked from a remote, home office for five years, and one reason it works for me is that I bike almost daily. In my case, I rack up the miles due to RL’s #3 and #4 above. With bikes hanging several feet away from my desk, I don’t have to go to an office building basement or other storage to get a bike and get out. With the flexibility, I can get in 15-17 miles much of the time. Aside: The company I work for is implementing a wellness program, which encourages staff to eat better and get more exercise. To date, the comments on the intranet about it are from office-based staff. I feel fortunate…and well, in better shape! 🙂

  2. Abby

    Good tips. I commute each day to the local university where I’m taking classes, and have been considering switching to an online program. Nice to have some strategies.

  3. Nancy L. Seibel

    Great post! I’m a solopreneur working from home since 2012. I use the bike to meetings strategy when possible and the just get out strategy a lot. I call it “biking in order to work” instead of “bike to work.”

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