Why should you cycle to work?


The number of commuters leaving cars and public transport behind for their commute to work and turning to cycling to work, and with so many benefits it is easy to see why. Here are some of the reasons why you should make the switch to cycling around London rather than driving:


Cycling is undeniably cheaper than public transport and especially driving, the money saved, even with just one less car journey per week will quickly add up which of course you can spend better elsewhere.

Skipping the Gym

Why go to the gym to use an exercise bike before your commute to work when you can kill two birds with one stone and spend your time wisely, both commuting and exercising at the same time. If you only use the gym for cardio such as this you could even cancel your membership, making more potential savings each month! Those who mix resistance training with cardio workouts at the gym will find they don’t need to spend as much time on the cardio and get a more effective muscle building workout in in the time instead.


Fresh air and some cardiovascular activity twice per day will quickly pay off health wise. The increased activity can result in weight loss, even without the dieting which can reduce the risks of health problems in later life.


The charity Sustrans conducted a study in 2013 and they found that those that cycle to work not only have far fewer sick days than those that don’t but they are also more productive during working hours. Further to this there have been countless studies which found that using public transport is more likely to make you catch bugs and sickness compared to those who travel in cars, walk or cycle.

Cycle to Work Schemes

Even if you do not currently own a bicycle it can be a worthy investment to make. Lots of businesses run the Cycle to Work initiative which gives employers the opportunity to save money and tax on the cost of purchasing a bicycle that they are going to use in order to commute to work. If you are unsure about this, ask your employer for further information. With more and more people beginning to turn to cycling it will also have a knock on effect on the facilities such as bike sheds, cycle paths and other initiatives that are available in order to encourage more to cycle instead of driving.

If cycling everyday isn’t for you, you could always consider incorporating it into your routine gradually. Cycling in London one to two times per week, rather than driving will give you the opportunity to see how these benefits will positively affect you, you may just find you end up hooked!


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  1. plh

    I say if there is a way for you to swing it, what are you waiting for?
    I’ve been biking to work (14.5 mi, 23.3km round trip) for about 8 years and it’s the best things I’ve ever done for myself physically. I almost never get sick, I’m almost always happy, and I’m in better shape than most guys 10 or even 20 years younger than me. You may have heard about when we in New England have endured this season. This year a bought another bike & installed studded snow tires and only missed one day due to weather.
    About 4 years ago I ditched the car: One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself financially. (Admittedly, it helps that my kids are grown!) Last year I saved more than $4500 ([My wife’s auto expenses] – [my bike expenses]) and that is counting, for example, car rental as a bike expense because if I owned a car we wouldn’t have to rent one when my wife’s is in the shop.
    -Providence, Rhode Island, USA

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