Can you tell the difference between gruppos?

Or in other words, groupset. Often times people may not realize that various groupsets come with grades or levels of quality. All this can be confusing as manufacturers keep adding more and more names to their lists. I found this cheat sheet of sorts at a local bike shop to help educate people of the different levels of groupsets.

bicycle groupset gruppo


  1. Ben

    Veloce is maybe equivalent to Sora in market positioning, but any campy group is better built and more serviceable than any shimano group. Can’t speak from experience regarding shram, but it’s surely better than shimano too.

  2. Ghost Rider

    @Ben — while I agree that Campagnolo components are better made than their Shimano counterparts, the lower-end stuff is no longer serviceable. The lower end groups like Veloce and Xenon have “disposable” shifters — can’t replace the inner bits like you could with the 9sp and early 10s.

    Even with the cheapies, I’ve got thousands of miles and thousands of shifts out of a pair of Veloce 10 Ergopowers. Even more out of my prized Daytona 9s, even after two inner rebuilds.

  3. bigbenaugust

    I ride Tiagra with D-A barends. 🙂

  4. Matt

    Nice chart! I think their definitions are a bit off regarding the “enthusiast” level between MTB and road though… I would say a Tiagra is generally better than an Alivio or X4.

    Personally, I tend to mix-n-match… I don’t think any of my bikes stick with the same brand throughout! My commuter has Shimano shifty bits but Avid (SRAM) brakes… while my primary MTB has SRAM X7/X9 mixed with Shimano XT brakes.

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