Giant LIV Alight All City Quick Review

This is the 2015 Giant LIV Alight All City commuter bicycle. What makes this a “commuter?” Well, based on years of running and knowing what our readers consider what a “REAL” commuter bike is, this one takes the cake. For example, it has the ever so important set of fenders and rear rack. In addition it has 700c wheels. Further more the cockpit is equipped with ergonomic grips for added comfort.
giant liv alight all city
You can find all the SPEC info HERE. However, let me high-light a few things that we liked. 24speed drive train offers a wide range of gear selection. From fast flat terrain all the way up to the steepest climbs, you should be able to ride it with the Alight.

Hydroformed Aluxx-aluminum
bikecommuters liv giant
Frame and fork uses Giant’s ALUXX-grade aluminum. This allows the Alight to have a light feel to it. To be honest with you, we didn’t get to weigh it, but when it was picked up by hand to see how heavy it was, we were impressed.

The essentials of a commuter bike. Fenders and rear rack.
giant alight
The Alight was designed for the female commuter. Geometry set for this bike has women riders in mind. What does all that mean?

Liv bikes, apparel and gear are designed specifically for women. Liv’s team of female designers and engineers consider all aspects of a woman’s unique strengths and physical characteristics to create the only complete product collection designed solely for women. Examples of this include: Women’s-specific fit based on global body dimension studies Optimized stem lengths, handlebar width and drop, and crank arm length Shorter brake reach Comfortable saddle designed for female pelvis and hip shapes Liv ApparelFit System with multiple fit options.

giant commuter bikes

So what’s the price on this commuter friendly bike? Most Giant retailers will have it around $575, and based on our previous research, $500-$600 is what most commuting consumers would be willing to spend on a new commuter bike. But how does it ride? Like a dream! The 700c wheels make for a smoother and fast ride, while the 24spd drive train provides the rider a plethora of gearing choices. Shifting between gears are smooth, all thanks to the buttery Shimano gruppo Further more, the aesthetics of this bike is spot on. The color pops, yet it doesn’t scream LOOK AT ME!!!

Oh one more thing, just because this is considered a “women specific design” bike, it doesn’t mean that a man can’t enjoy it. I really did enjoy my time with the Alight All City. It’s a great riding bike and it really could serve a rider dual purposes. Use it to commute with and use it on the weekends to go on a long ride through the country side. It’s comfortable and fast, which happens to be a great combo!

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  1. electrische fietsen

    read your blog post on Giant LIV Alight All City Quick Review & it was really very informative. thanks for sharing.

  2. erik

    I like the fenders, those are a definite must.

    Lights, lights are missing on this thing though, both front and rear lights.

  3. sophie

    Um, lights are not something that generally come with this bike. kick stands dont even come with it. trying to find reviews on Liv Alight 2 and can’t anywhere 🙁

  4. Bailey Woodley


  5. Bad Bike?


    So um…care to elaborate by “broke after 2 days of riding”

    Do you mean that the frame broke in half? Cranks cracked? Wheels collapsed?

  6. VChelle

    I bought this bike about a month ago and have ridden it intensively nearly everyday throughout NYC, which can be rough on a bike. I am extremely happy with this bike! I don’t know what broke on the bike of the previous commentator, because mine works perfectly even after a bunch of really bad potholes. My ONLY complaint with this bike is that it only has attachments for one water bottle instead of the two places that are on the comparable men’s version. I don’t know why Giant thinks women wouldn’t want two water bottles. Otherwise, it is awesome!

  7. tina

    lol at the person who said ” it broke after 2 day ” His chain probably fell off. If it ” broke ” you just go to the dealer where they got it and they will fix it. It DOES have a warranty. The article said they didn’t get a chance to weigh it. It weighs 27lb and the live alight 2 ( the city without the rear rack or fenders ) is 26lbs. It feels very light and you prob won’t get a bike of this quality that is this light for the price anywhere else. its pretty cool that the rear rack and fenders only weigh a pound total but it will set you back another $100+. depends on if you feel you need those items or not. you could always buy and put on your own but im sure they wouldn’t be as light

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