Car and Bike Safety Advice This Holiday Season

Those looking to commute this holiday season should take extra caution. Not only are the holiday seasons a time when more Americans are on the roads, it’s also a time of inclement weather that can cause safety concerns.


Cold weather biking and driving is nothing new. You may think that driving or biking during the snowy months is impossible but being a four season rider is indeed possible.


Proper Clothing

Having reflective clothing if you are riding as well as warm clothing is indeed important. In your car having the right warmth is important, especially gloves for those bitter cold mornings and nights. Not only can clothing keep you warm but it can also keep you safe. Ensure while out on the roads that you are protected and prepared for what you might come across.


Proper Gear

Having the right protection on your car such as paint protective film or car wraps which can help protect from corrosive and eroding items are important during this time of year. Having the right protection on your bike as well. Ensure you have checked for rust or areas that need additional oiling. All four or two tires should be well inflated and maintained for proper use.


Safety Concerns

There are many safety concerns when it comes to driving in inclement weather. These include visibility concerns such as other drivers or riders seeing you. To avoid collisions there are many things you can do to keep yourself safe:

  • Keep your line of sight visible, including buying new wiper blades

  • Utilize your mirrors or purchase them if you don’t have them

  • Wear reflective clothing and/or use lights when riding at night

  • Remember to take caution making turns and blind corners

  • Avoid the immediate curb area, as that is where snow accumulates

  • Consider taking up a lane during winter travel instead of trying to stick with bike paths as they will offer more stability for your vehicle

Becoming a Winter Rider

Experts suggest starting slowly with your integration to a winter riding or driving cycle. Use public transportation and combine your activities with a bike ride. Drive half way to your destination with your bike in your vehicle just to ensure you are slowly testing out this process. Bike every other day or alternate every three days to try it out. Once you find your rhythm you very well could be on your way to being a regular four season rider.


Areas of melted snow should be watched out for. These are often patches of ice and can cause an accident if you’re not careful. Look for black ice conditions and just ride slowly, don’t freak out or overcorrect yourself. Not only are they troublesome for a vehicle but also for bikers.


There are many ways you too can participate in bike riding and car driving in the winter months, no matter what vehicle or bike you have. Stay safe on the roads and remember these safety tips to get you through the snowy months.

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  1. Atticus

    Good call on the reflective clothing. During the winter out here things get really hard to see because of the snow, and I can’t tell you how many close calls I’ve seen with cyclists. Always wear your reflective clothing!

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