Giving back-in 2 locations!

This past Sunday we teamed up with Two Wheels One Planet of Costa Mesa to help give back to the community. We decided to have two locations where we fixed bicycles. However, the team that headed out to a local park in Costa Mesa provided food, blankets and serviced bicycles. What was great about the Costa Mesa effort was the support Two Wheels One Planet (TWOP) received. Full Psycle (spin studio) helped by gathering donations, Shirley’s Bagels also chipped in by providing some bagels for the event. This was a family event where TWOP General Manager, Will Skeeters and Service Writer, Damon Sprague each brought out their families to help serve.







The other group headed out to Santa Ana. The team consisted of yours truly, The Moe, Big A and Little D.

Here’s a satisfied customer. We installed new brake housing, cable and made sure he was able to stop. He was so excited about it that he was walking around telling all his friends that we were doing all sorts of things to his bike.

Check out the light set up this fella had. In previous trips, we’ve provided LED lights from Planet Bike and Serfas.
I may have to give those companies a call again to see if they’d be willing to send us a few more units to install on these bikes.



This was a team effort to get this bike back on the road. We installed new brake housing, cables and lubricated his chain.


Big A and Little D. Here’s a great example of teaching your kids to have compassion. Big A and Little D has been coming out to our events for the last 2 years, and each time they do, they have great willing and servant hearts to do what ever it took to get people back on the road.

We try to head out as often as we can. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I can surely attest that it is completely rewarding to give back. If you’re ever in the SoCal area and we have one of these events again, join us! I promise you’ll love it. If you’re not in SoCal, consider doing something like this in your area.

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