Bike Racks Are Becoming Rare…

In the immediate area where I live, I’ve started noticing that there are less and less bicycle racks than ever before. It seemed like every grocery store had them and each shopping center used to have a designated area for them. But not I’m venturing out more for casual rides and to find places to eat/drink, I’m having a harder time finding a good place to lock my bike.

Take for example my trip to the grocery store, they used to have a HUGE bike rack. But now it’s gone. So I had to find some metal railing to lock my bike against. What’s interesting is, if I go do downtown Fullerton, the seems to be more of an acceptance to bicycles there. In fact there are actually quite a bit of 2-bike racks peppered around the area. I guess I just don’t get why in some areas, there are racks while others it’s absent.


  1. BornToBeMild

    Check Behind the Store! Several restaurants and stores in my area moved their bike racks to the back of the store. I guess they figured out that most of the usage was their own employees! Not too helpful for us customers.

  2. Dan

    Talk with the store manager. He/she may not be aware of the frustration of you and other customers.

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