The Bike Geek: Cat-Ears!

Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way: I was in no way compensated nor given free stuff by Cat-ears, LLC. In fact, I spent my beer money to purchase their Classic I product. OK, now onto my observations of the cat-ears:

Have you ever said to yourself: “Self, I wish I would have thought of that and created that product and gotten rich”. That is what cat-ears remind me of; a simple idea to remedy a nuisance while riding our bikes. If you are not familiar with cat-ears, their basic product is a piece of soft faux fur type material that attaches with Velcro to your helmet straps that will significantly reduce wind noise while you are riding.


I ordered a pair of their Classics I not only to reduce the wind noise, but to see if they would also block the cold air from my ears as I ride my bike. All I can say is that they really work! You can actually hear your buddies talking shit about you as they try to drop you on a ride! I also rode with them on the streets, and yes, you can hear the traffic around you clearly. I also rode with them on chilly mornings and nights, not only could I hear my buddies complaining how cold their ears were but my ears were not cold at all! They were totally worth skipping my 12-pack of Guinness beer for the week!


But they look dorky you say. Yes, yes they do. My buddies were making Elvis side-burn jokes which is not a bad thing, but when I told them that they were called “cat-ears”, the pussy jokes started flying. Interestingly, the cat-ears inventors knew they were going to get shit for the look of the product and this is what they say:


“We did not get into the Wind Noise reduction business to sell products that ‘look like they work’… It would have been easy to design a product that is more visually appealing – but the performance would have been marginal at best.”


So why am I featuring this product? Because I like to get behind companies that support cycling. Did I mention that Cat-ears is also made in the good ol’ USA? That’s right! American ingenuity at work right there for you!

So if wind noise bothers you or if you want for your ears to not fall off from the cold air, give Cat-Ears a look.

Up next: I am considering Multi-modal commuting!


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  1. Michael Plakus

    One of the best, ostensibly gimmicky, bike products I have bought. Yes, they look a bit ridiculous but for someone with ears utterly lacking in aerodynamics these unlocked a whole range of sound for me. I can actually understand the person riding next to me or even several feet away. Before Cat Ears I could only understand shouts.

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