Affordable Cargo Bikes

Our friends at who helped us build the Cotton Candy Trike, just let us know that their business is growing. They announced a new website called where they’re offering remarkably affordable cargo bikes. Take a look at these fine specimens.

Look at these Bakfiet style cargo bikes called the Boxter. Prices start at $800…which is pretty competitive if you ask me.

We’ve had some inquiries about the Cotton Candy Trike build and what’s going on with it. Well I’m happy to say we’ve been busy making cotton candy for various fund-raising events. We’re also stepping up our game by acquiring a generator to pull on a trailer in the near future. That way we can be a fully mobile cotton candy trike. No that doesn’t mean we can make cotton candy while we’re riding, but that means we can be self sufficient, we don’t have to be plugged into a wall socket to produce the sweet stuff! Stay tuned!

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    I lucked out and got a used Bakfiets off of Craigslist for $750 last year. Even after some work on the IGH and some new lights, I am well below average for cargo-bike prices. Kudos to these guys for bringing the average down.

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