The Bike Geek: Save your nuts!

Have you ever had a saddle that you love, but you are no longer able to ride long distances with it anymore?


It happened to me. My favorite saddle was the Selle Italia Trans AM. I’ve ridden over 3,000 miles on this brand of saddles but the last couple of years have been literally a pain in the ass. It got to the point that 25 miles rides were really uncomfortable and I was also experiencing “numb nuts” or perineal numbness. I switched to the saddle that came with my Giant TCR SLR2 bicycle, but that made it worse.


I also ordered a Hobson Pro-Hub X2, but not only does this saddle look out of place on a road bike, but it was not for me. The saddle did not suit my type of riding and I was not comfortable at all. I could see myself using this saddle on a hybrid or a cruiser but definitely not on a road bike nor a mountain bike.


I decided to stop guessing and went to my local bike shop. The owner happens to be around my age, he is a racer and really knows his shit. He told me that as we age, our sit bones tend to change a bit and the saddles that we’ve ridden for a while are no longer suitable and we experience discomfort.


He steered me towards the ISM saddles and gave me a couple to try for a couple of weeks. I ended up buying the PN 1.1, not cheap, but this saddle has been quite a good investment. It took me a little while to get used to it, but once I did, I have been able to do 50 mile rides with zero discomfort and zero numbness. No more numb nuts!

I really can’t say that the ISM PN 1.1 is the solution for all riders, but if you are experiencing serious discomfort in your perineal area, visit your local bike shop and they should have a few types of saddles for you to try.

Next on week: Doing the math.


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