The Bike Geek: Oh what fun it is to ride

Bike to work month deserves a mid-week post, don’t you agree? Well, don’t you all answer at once please… Bueller? Bueller?


I have developed a love-hate relationship with Metrolink (L.A’s train service), I love doing the train-bike thing to work BUT Metrolink’s service is as reliable as an old Land Rover. Out of the six times that I’ve used the service, trains have been cancelled twice.


So what happens when a train is cancelled? Well, the first time I was on my way to work so I just hopped in my car and drove. The other time however, I was coming back from work and there was no train so Metrolink’s solution was to put us all in a bus. Yeah, that was fun… I got home 2 hours late.


As frustrating as that can be, I still love riding the train. Why? Because it enables me to ride my bike to work! I also don’t have to deal with traffic, I just chill in the train and take selfies of myself looking all tough.


So if you have not ridden your bike to work because of cheap gas prices, give it another try and you’ll see the fun that you’ve been missing.

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