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Welcome back fellow bike commuters, today’s post does not have anything to do with bike commuting, trains nor cyclecross bikes; today’s post is all about my Bianchi Impulso road bike that received quite a few likes on Facebook.


Although I have ridden Giant bicycles for most of my roadie life, the Bianchi brand and its Celeste color has always captivated me. Yes, the color can be a love it or hate it thing, but that Celeste green is quite iconic and anyone who knows about the Tour de France knows that the great Pantani was a Bianchi rider.


So back in March I got a hair up my butt and I decided that I wanted a Bianchi bicycle to celebrate losing 30 lbs, so that meant that I had to let go of my Giant TCR SLR 2. I found a buyer and my quest to get the Bianchi began. I must have visited 6 different shops looking for the Bianchi with the right fit and the right components, and yes, it had to be in Celeste color. Believe it or not, the Celeste color is quite desirable and most of the bikes that I wanted were sold out for the year, yes, the year.


Here is our little secret: My Bianchi Impulso is a chick’s bike. Yes, you read that right, I ride a Dama model. Here’s Bianchi’s little secret: other than the Dama sticker, a women specific saddle and subtle differences on the sticker scheme, this bike is EXACTLY the same as the men’s model. Look it up if you don’t believe me, the geometry specs are the same.


The bike shop where I got it from were really forthcoming about this bike and even though I kind of hesitated at the beginning, a $100 discount helped me made up my mind. So unless you really know your Bianchi models, you would never guess that I ride a girls bike.


  1. Karen

    Gender specific items are often the same with very minor cosmetic or, as in the case of beauty products, fragrance differences. Personally I think “gender specific” marketing is bs unless dealing with actual products that deal with the differences in physiology. Tampons and certain types of protective devices are examples of true gender specific items. Likewise I don’t need to use a “women’s” razor that costs much more than a comparable “men’s” razor to shave my legs.
    Mixxie frame bikes made years ago where not designed for women only despite their downwards directed top tubes. They were a practical design for individuals wanting or needing to be able to more easily straddle their two wheeled steed.

  2. Nancy

    What Karen said. Glad you found your bike!

  3. The Bike Geek (Post author)

    I agree with you, I guess I was lucky not to pay the “woman tax” but got a discount instead.

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