Riding the Bike Friday Family Tandem

Happy Monday Tuesday Bike Commuters! I tried finishing this post yesterday but I had a crazy Monday so here is your Monday post on a Tuesday.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my purchasing experience of a Bike Friday Family Tandem. Today’s post is about my first impression of how it rides (something that a few of you have asked), how it collapses and the overall experience of riding a tandem bicycle.


So far the wife and I have ridden the tandem 3 times for a total of 34 miles. Yeah, that is chump change for most of us but remember that my significant other does not know how to ride a bike and this is a totally new experience for her. What is the first thing we all complain when we started riding or when we start riding again from not having ridden in a bit? Your ass gets sore. My wife’s main complaint was her rear end being sore and after 3 saddles and multiple adjustments, we found a sweet spot for her butt.


Twenty inch folding bikes tend to be a little twitchy when you ride them due to their short wheelbase, riding a 20″ inch tandem is no different; any little input from either myself or my wife will make the bike a little unstable. I just have to make sure that I am in constant communication with my wife to avoid any sudden movements when we are about to turn or when we are riding downhill fast.


I was a little concerned about the bike’s frame’s flex, yes, there is some due to the couplers but nothing too extreme, in fact, the frame’s flex makes the ride really comfortable. So how fast is it? Not fast, but I have to keep telling myself that I’m not in any type of competition and it is all about enjoying the ride with my wife. How well does it climb? Surprisingly good. The gearing allowed us to tackle a short 5% ascent with ease.


One biggest reason why I bought this particular bike was because it can be “collapsed” into something that can easily be transported in my 4 door sedan. I must admit that this part kind of sucks since it takes about 10-15 minutes to assemble/dis-assemble the bike but paying the extra grand for the folding feature was not in my budget. Other than that, the bike fits in perfectly inside my car with the seats folded down since I don’t take the bike fully apart.


Here is my favorite part of owning and riding the Bike Friday Family Tandem: I spend quality time doing something I love with someone I love. I does not matter if I’m not beating my Strava speed records or if I am not riding 50 milers, it is the fact that I get to ride to some of my favorite breakfast spots with my wife.

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