Stop riding your bike you socialist scum!

Hello and welcome back! You probably thought I was going to pepper you with videos and pictures of last weekend’s Cyclocross race but I though I would post this instead.

As I was reading my Facebook feed, my local news posted a video of the difference of riding a bike in Denmark versus the United States. I thought that was cool, but it looks like most commenters thought otherwise:

Yes I do own a car, most bike commuters own cars, we do pay registrations and we surely pay taxes unlike our President-Elect. The effects of riding a bike on a road are so minimal and if drivers would accept that we are part of traffic, there would not be a need to build separate bike lanes.

And then there are the assholes who are “inconvenienced” by us. How long does it take to pass a cyclist? Four? Ten seconds Max? Oh but noooo, you are way more important and riding my bike to work will constitute an act of socialism. Get over yourself.

But let’s use common sense and use the sidewalk instead!!!

Oh wait maybe not because we may “come out of nowhere”

And of course you have the troll, but poor dumbass, no one took the bait.

So listen up motorists and cyclists, I pay taxes and insurance, I drive a car, I ride a bike, I use public transportation, I follow the rules when I drive, I follow the rules when I ride my bike, I respect drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. It is not too fucking hard.


  1. Doug Cornelius

    You could also present them with the facts: drivers only pay half the cost of roads through gas taxes. That means they have to share the other half.

  2. Joe Bob

    I live in murder central for cyclists, Central Florida. These attitudes are prevalent here. I have been pitching to our largely apathetic local government in four areas, Infrastructure, Education, Legislation and Enforcement.

    I can only emphasize that cyclists need to get organized and active in their community. Government types pay attention to groups much more attentively than they do to lone dissidents.

    And never get discouraged. Remember, mathematically, half those folks out there are even dumber than the proverbial “Average American”. Which is a good thing – because thinking hurts their heads, they can be easily led – if someone will do the leading. Joe six-pack in his F150 truck isn’t going to help us. We have to be proactive and get a little skin in the game – if you’ve got time to bitch about a bad situation, you’ve got time to make it better by bitching at the folks who make policy.

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