Showers? We don’t need no stinking showers!

Howdy Roadies and Mountain Bikers! This blog post is for you! You already ride a bike so why not give bike commuting a chance? Come on, you are already in shape so mileage should be no problem… what’s that? No showers at work? Really? That is your biggest excuse for not riding your bike to work? Here is a little secret; in all of 10 years of on and off bike commuting I’ve NEVER taken a shower. Why? because none of the places that I’ve ever worked had one!


The lack of showers didn’t deter me from riding to work, why? Because of products that eliminate the need of a shower. Mind you, there was a time when I used to ride 16 miles to work so breaking a sweat was inevitable.

How do I do it? Let’s start with trying to minimize perspiration. I usually wear shorts, wicking moisture shirts and a helmet with lots of vents. I also slow the pace as I get closer to work, allowing for the breeze to cool me off and dry some of the sweat. Once I arrive at work, I usually sit in front of small fan that I have on my desk so I can air dry a little more.

I then grab my bag full of the products that you see on the pictures and head to the restroom. I dry the rest of the sweat with the towel then I spray Rocket Shower all over my body. The ingredients on the rocket shower are supposed to kill the bacteria that produce body odor but I also use the moisture wipes to clean those “hard to reach” places.

Clean clothing makes a huge difference too, I know that it can be a pain to ride with a set of extra clothes but panniers such as the Garment Pannier by Two Wheel Gear allow you to transport an entire change of clothes. Worried about wrinkles? I use the Downy wrinkle release spray.


Worried about your hair? Having short hair certainly helps but I also use Dry shampoo to clean it up. I usually finish up with deodorant, mousse and a little bit of cologne.


So there you go roadies and mountain bikers, stop using “There are no showers at work” as an excuse to not ride your bike to work.


  1. Quentin

    Man! That’s a lot of product! I had the luxury of working in a shipyard, so a little sweat wasn’t a big deal anyway. I found that a dry towel, clean clothes, and deodorant were sufficient for me.

  2. Richard Wezensky

    Where do you find the Rocket Shower? Google leads me to sold out vendors.

    I have a similar set up, but use Witch Hazel straight up as my sweat bacteria killer. Works ok, but perhaps I should add vitamin E, peppermint oil and grapefruit peel oil as well.

    I also keep my change of clothes at the office.

  3. The Bike Geek (Post author)

    It looks like Rocket Shower is no more 🙁

  4. Quinn

    Sadly, Rocket Shower is no more. I currently use Dude Shower wipes, basically a bigger and thicker version of Dude Wipes. That, a spritz of cologne with a change of clothes and I’m good to go.

  5. Edward

    I just use unscented baby wipes and some deodorant and I don’t have a smell problem. If you take a shower before riding you really won’t get that smelly, even if you get sweaty. That said, the dry shampoo sounds like an interesting idea. I might need to look into that, especially when traveling.

  6. BluesCat

    I bike commute in Phoenix, year round, until the highs approach 105°F. Except for the very coldest parts of the year (the dead of winter when you hardly go above room temperature), my 8 mile commute uphill REQUIRES a shower.

    Until a month ago, my gym was literally right across the hallway from my office, so showering was no problem. My company has moved a half a mile further away from my gym. When things stabilize at the office, and I get back to commuting by bike, I think I can still make it work: I’ll ride to the gym, shower up, and glide sedately the last half mile to work!

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