Insulated water bottles, are they worth it?


My wife dragged my ass to a big box store and as I always do, I hit up the bicycle section to see what kind of crap they sell. Well, this time an insulated water bottle caught my attention and for about 8 bucks I said why not. So then it occurred to me to do this extremely unscientific test to see if the bottle actually works:



I grabbed 20 ice cubes (chips?) from my fridge and placed 10 in the insulated bottle and 10 on a non-insulated bottle, I then proceeded to fill both bottles with water and placed them outside in 80 degree heat.


It took 40 minutes for the ice to melt in the non-insulated bottle, I also checked the insulated bottle and it still had plenty of ice left.


The ice lasted 18 minutes longer in the insulated bottle and it kept the water cool another 20 minutes, not bad! There is one drawback though; if you notice, the insulated bottle is significantly bigger than the non-insulated bottle yet they both hold the same amount of water.


  1. Pelle

    Insulated bottles are very use during the cold season. Stops the water from getting to cold.

  2. PStu

    I find my insulated bottle most useful in the winter, especially when temps fall into the low 20s and 10s. Without an insulated bottle, the water will freeze at the nozzle, leaving me dry. I’m not sweating as much as on a hot summer day, but the cold dry air has me thirsty when working hard.

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