I made it.

Last year my goal for the year was to ride 1,500 miles. I didn’t reach my goal. This year I upped my goal to 2,000 miles and I reached my goal early. Here’s a short vlog about it.


  1. Jack

    Well done.

    I normally hit around 5K but will not reach that goal this year. I’ve been road riding less and MTB riding more. These tend to be shorter rides.

    Still tons of time to ride! Don’t let a little rain interfere.

  2. Manny (Post author)

    Thanks Jack, I mix it up too and sure the miles as a goal is great but staying on the bike and off the car is the main goal. 5k is a healthy goal, in not sure if I’ll challenge myself that much bit I’m thinking 3k as next years goal.

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