Xtracycle Update

I swapped Ibex frames on my Xtracycle. Now I’m sportin’ this fancy schmancy Ibex B27 Frame. They don’t make this frame anymore so this makes my bike even cooler.

Check out how my Sweetskinz Scorch reflect ever so brightly in the night…ooooohhhh aaaahhhh

Here’s how it used to look.

I know you’re jealous…don’t hate the playa, hate the game!

Would you pay $12 for two coconuts?

This afternoon I rode the Xtracycle to the grocery store to get some things for lunch. One of my favorite fruits in the world is young coconut. Having lived on it as a kid in the Philippines, I still crave it as an adult.

While I was at a market that we call Stater Bater, I noticed they had some for only $1.49. Heck, why not, I’ll buy two! As I was at the check out, the coconuts was rung up with a ridiculous price of $12! I tried to tell the checker that the sign on the shelf was $1.49, but he argued back that it was $2.49 per pound. I told him never mind and that I had never in my life paid over $1.50 for one coconut.

You’re probably thinking, what do coconuts have anything to do with bike commuting…Well, um I did mention the Xtracycle…so that counts for something, right?

Xtracycle carries passengers

This weekend I took my kids to the Fullerton Railroad Days to check out the Choo Choo festivities. Since I knew we had to park far, I decided to bring out the Xtracycle as well as my little girls bike to ride from the car to the venue.

As you may have already noticed, my two older girls sat in the back with out any problems.

Once we got the event, I loaded up my daughter’s little bike in one of the Freeloaders.

I didn’t even get 10 feet out and people were already stopping me asking questions about the Xtracycle. So I took a few minutes out and explained all the benefits of this great life changing bicycle must have. I probably talked to at least 9 different people about the Xtracycle.

We eventually made it to the OCTA booth. OCTA stands for Orange County Transportation Authority. They have the best bus drivers in the world! One time I crashed and hit the street hard. The bus was right behind me and stopped with out any hesitation and waited until I was safely off the road before it went on its way. I was telling the OCTA folks how much I appreciate their drivers because when ever I bike commute, they are always aware of my presence on the street.

Any who. I love the Xtracycle! Kipchoge (Xtracycle Boss) and his staff of awesome folks have an amazing product. I love this thing so much that I don’t mind telling people about them.

Urban Bicycle Commuter Expo

URBAN BICYCLE COMMUTER EXPO – Saturday, May 19, 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Free.

Curious about bicycles? Find out everything you want to know and discover exciting inventions at the Urban Bicycle Commuter Expo in the One Colorado Courtyard. Expo will steer you to innovative cycling ideas, whether you are just starting out, or already an enthusiast. You’ll receive answers to such questions as, What kind of bicycle do I need? How much can I be expected to pay? Can I carry my laptop on my bike? Take part in bicycle maintenance workshops. Marvel at Funky to Functional, an exhibition of D.I.Y. personalized commuter bikes. Confirmed exhibitors include REI, InCycle, Path to Freedom (XtraCycle dealer), Flex Car, Cal Start, LACBC, CICLE, Bikerowave, Bike Oven, Psycles Chopper Club, AIDS Lifecycle, Patagonia, Metro and city of Pasadena departments of Public Works and Transportation. Urban Bicycle Commuter Expo is free and open to the public. Win Great Prizes! Map .

This just in!! We have confirmed that will be at the Urban Bicycle Commuter Expo in Pasadena as exhibitors. We will be showcasing some of the bikes that you’ve seen on this website as well as accessories, lights, panniers and bags. Come by to say hello and to show your support for our growing bike commuter community.

Back in the daily grind….

For a while I was self employed. But with my student loans and rent increase on its way next month, I had to get a job.

Not that the job is bad, heck its a great company! But the drive sucks!

Photo courtesy of

It’s about 20 miles away…yeah I know its ridable. But the thing is my hours are going to change soon to super early hours…the kind where I have to be at work right when the bars close at night.

So I was thinking, if I can’t ride to work, I might as well ride during my lunch breaks. My new job is with this international gym company, so fitness is encouraged.

The city I work in is Irvine,Ca. a beautiful place…nice flat roads with wide bike lanes! So stick around as I document my product testing and adventures in the next few weeks!

Xtracycle Goes Off Roading

Some folks think that the Xtracycle was designed just for street use or stictly for commuting. Well, I came to find out from Kipchoge himself (Xtracycle founder) that this SUB is totally capable of handling the trails.

So Priscilla and I took it through some single track…at night! I on my Ibex Alpine equipped with the Xtracycle and Priscilla on her Ibex Trophy.

You can read more about our adventures HERE.

I am a Bike Commuter.

bike commuter

Do you remember the movie Monsters Inc. they had a commercial in the movie where they showed actual employees of Monsters Inc. saying ” I am Monsters Inc!”

Well that’s what I’m going for. Send us your pictures and we’ll gladly post you on our gallery as well as in the main blog. Go on, send us your pics and share with the world that you are a proud Bike Commuter!

Send your email HERE.

Xtracycle Is Xtra-useful

Today I had to run out to the grocery store to get some water. So I took my Xtracycle out to fetch me a pail of water. Actually it came out to 5 gallons total.

Here’s my load. 2.5 gallons of water on each side. As long as I am loaded up evenly, the Xtracycle does just great. If I wasn’t even, I’d have to compensate by leaning as I ride.

The challenge I have with the Xtracycle is storing it. I have a Tandem-Two Car garage. Basically its 1 car wide, but its 2 cars deep. So I have make use of space the best I can.

Other than leaving the Xtracycle on its kickstand, the only way to store the bike is upright. I used a basic bicycle hook and mount it as high as I do my other bicycle hooks. Mount the bike!


Just make sure the rear end of the Xtracycle is flushed to the ground, this should help it stay stable.

Here’s how it looks once mounted.

My Redline 925, the Xtracycle are my favorite bikes to ride. I take the 925 when ever I am doing errands around the city. But when I need to carry anything big or heavy, the Xtracycle is what I use. Funny how the actual bike is an IBEX Alpine, but once I installed the Xtracycle, I automatically started calling it by it’s rear end… 🙂