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Xtracycle Goes Off Roading

Some folks think that the Xtracycle was designed just for street use or stictly for commuting. Well, I came to find out from Kipchoge himself (Xtracycle founder) that this SUB is totally capable of handling the trails.

So Priscilla and I took it through some single track…at night! I on my Ibex Alpine equipped with the Xtracycle and Priscilla on her Ibex Trophy.

You can read more about our adventures HERE.

I am a Bike Commuter.

bike commuter

Do you remember the movie Monsters Inc. they had a commercial in the movie where they showed actual employees of Monsters Inc. saying ” I am Monsters Inc!”

Well that’s what I’m going for. Send us your pictures and we’ll gladly post you on our gallery as well as in the main blog. Go on, send us your pics and share with the world that you are a proud Bike Commuter!

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Xtracycle Is Xtra-useful

Today I had to run out to the grocery store to get some water. So I took my Xtracycle out to fetch me a pail of water. Actually it came out to 5 gallons total.

Here’s my load. 2.5 gallons of water on each side. As long as I am loaded up evenly, the Xtracycle does just great. If I wasn’t even, I’d have to compensate by leaning as I ride.

The challenge I have with the Xtracycle is storing it. I have a Tandem-Two Car garage. Basically its 1 car wide, but its 2 cars deep. So I have make use of space the best I can.

Other than leaving the Xtracycle on its kickstand, the only way to store the bike is upright. I used a basic bicycle hook and mount it as high as I do my other bicycle hooks. Mount the bike!


Just make sure the rear end of the Xtracycle is flushed to the ground, this should help it stay stable.

Here’s how it looks once mounted.

My Redline 925, the Xtracycle are my favorite bikes to ride. I take the 925 when ever I am doing errands around the city. But when I need to carry anything big or heavy, the Xtracycle is what I use. Funny how the actual bike is an IBEX Alpine, but once I installed the Xtracycle, I automatically started calling it by it’s rear end… 🙂