Interbike 2012

Interbike 2012: Swag Giveaway Contest…almost here!

Do you recall the prize package that Planet Bike donated for our Interbike Giveaway? It was beautifully packaged in this Eco-friendly (recyclable) container that handsome Chris Follmer is holding?
Well, we’re giving that away along with some extras such as socks, wool cap and a T-shirt (you get what you get on sizing). So the way this works, we’ll make the announcement later today and I’ll even lay out all the items that you can win. Only one winner, must be US resident and can’t be ugly. You must be as handsome as Chris Follmer. I know it won’t be easy to be as good looking as he is, but you have to be close.

Once the contest is active, you MUST go to our Facebook Fanpage to enter. You’ll need to hit LIKE and SHARE the contest. We then will blind fold Jack Sweeney, have him spin 20 times, and if he picks your name from the board, you win! Simple enough right? So stay tuned! Should be a fun day of prizes.

Interbike 2012: Torker Bicycles

I’m a huge fan or Torker Bicycles for the mere fact they produce bikes that are reliable, functional and very affordable. I was pleased to take photos of the new line up for 2013. Please forgive the unfocused shots, not sure what happened to my camera, but I’m sure you can get an idea on how the bike is supposed to look.

Check out this beauty, this is the Torker T29. It’s basically a beach cruiser, but a 29er.


I’m really digging the color!

Here’s a nice Interurban Mixte, but my camera decided to focus on the woman in the background.


I love Mixte frames.

This is the Graduate Mixte





U3, It’s a 3 speed with drop bars. From what I can tell, this is a new offering by Torker.




Interbike 2012: RockiNoggins

Earlier, I know we covered another helmet cover called the “Helmet Hoodie” but some still are looking for something that fits their wardrobe better.

When I started bike commuting a couple of years ago, I remember not wanting to wear a helmet. I wanted to look cool. I thought helmets made me look stupid. Every helmet I tried on, besides those that cost around 100 dollars, I thought, made me look foolish. So I went on riding a bike for a few weeks without a helmet until I saw a PSA about cycling head injuries. That weekend, I went to Wal-Mart and purchased the cheapest helmet (I’m a bit of cheap-skate) despite how it made my head look.

Now I may have been lucky enough to be convinced by a safety video. But what about those that haven’t been convinced to get a helmet? This is where RockiNoggins comes in.  Elissa Heller, an Acute Care Nurse for 30 years saw there was a need for cyclists to wear helmets. According to Elissa, 20% of traumatic brain injuries are of people not wearing helmets when riding a bike. So she teamed up with a hat maker to create helmet covers that would address people’s reluctance to wear a helmet.

Elissa Heller, ACN

I could have gotten the photos from their website but I wanted to showcase how their hats look with my own camera phone. I’ve found that professionally done photos are usually not the best way to gauge whether something will look good on me. My impression? It’s hard to notice that someone is wearing a helmet with these on–they look like slightly oversized hats. As a matter of fact, while I was interviewing a couple of the exhibitors from RockiNoggins, a few people asked with a SMILE (Yes, I put the word in bold, italicized capitals), “Is there a helmet under that?”

To me it was obvious that it had to be a helmet cover. But to the few that stopped the interview to verify if it was just a hat, they could not tell the difference!

All helmet covers have a clip for bike lights to increase visibility at night.

Look closely and you can see the Helmet brim.

Here are a few additional styles from their site.








So, what started out as trying to find a solution to decrease the number of people with traumatic brain injuries, Elissa Heller, found a good way to increase helmet use while providing a way to be fashionably forward. And for those that are looking for a more fashionable option than, say, a Helmet Hoodie, RockiNoggins is a good alternative.

Cost: $24.95-$33.95

Size: One size fits all.

Company Site:

Interbike 2012: Banjo Brothers

One of my favorite people to visit at Interbike would be our friends Eric and Mike also known as the Banjo Brothers. I’ve known these guys for at least 6 years and did you know that Banjo Brothers is celebrating their 10 year anniversary! A big congrats goes out to these guys who make high quality products at affordable prices.

Mike and Eric, The Banjo Brothers.

For 2013 the Brothers are offering new frame bags.

Another product they are offering is a cell phone bag/keeper. The clear plastic cover allows you full control of your screen while protecting it from the elements. This bag is perfect for storing your stuff all together so you can fit it in the back of your jersey pocket.
You can keep your ID, CC and cash in there.
This right here has to be my favorite, same concept as above, but you can mount it on your bike!
Velcro to keep things secure on the bike.

Another new product is this guy. It’s the same as their backpack but made with a different material. From what I recall, Eric said it was waxed canvas. So that should make some of you retro-grouches happy.


Here’s a great example of Banjo Brother products mounted on a commuter/touring bike.

Look hunny, the drapes match the carpet!

I love me some Banjo Brothers. My own commuter back pack is 6 years old and it’s still going strong! I use for bike commuting and even for luggage when I travel.

Interbike 2012: Helmet Hoodies

“Be safe. Be seen. Make a statement.”

Being seen is always a priority for me whenever I ride on the street. The guys at Helmet Hoodies have developed covers for Helmets that have lights built in via a pocket where the fiber optic cable can fit through. When I came across their booth, I thought, wow they spent money at Interbike to show off helmet covers…how odd. But as they explained their product, it made more sense–having illumination for the rider’s head, in my opinion is very important.

The fiber optic last about 24 hours when it is in a non-blinking mode and 40 hours in blinking mode.

There are plenty of colors to choose from. Here is the product gallery from their site.

Doesn't completely cover your helmet.

One of the cool things that stood out to me was that not all of the “Hoodies” were designed to cover the design of the helmet. I know plenty that buy helmets as an expression or an extension of their personality and this was definitely a big plus for me.

The Inventors of Helmet Hoodies

Company Site: Helmet Hoodie

Interbike 2012: Trending…NEON Colors

For those of you that thought day-glow colors were just for bike commuters or roadies. Interbike yielded a bunch of brands who brought out neon-ish colors in products that didn’t look dorky. Here’s a perfect example, you see those gloves I’m wearing, Giro gave those out at Dirt Demo…a nice bright hot pink. The hat and koozie were from the show as well.

SDG saddles.
Lazer helmets


Here’s some more hot pink colors from Joy Ride.


Loeka’s commuter jacket has a nice bright blue hue.

If you recall the Yuba Boda Boda, this one is this pretty lime green.

In a nut shell, manufactures for every type of bicycle product at Interbike had some sort of brightly or neon colored product that they offered. Fixed gear bikes seem to spear-heading this trend that is trickling down to other genres of riding. Personally I love it because it’s a nice change from the traditional colors of black, white, red and etc. What are your thoughts on the colors?