Interbike 2012

Interbike 2012: No Drip Chain Luber

Saw this booth at Dirt Demo and it caught my attention because it’s something I’ve never seen before. The idea of “proper chain lubing technique” is highly debatable such as religion and politics. With the photos below, I hope you can formulate your own opinions about this product.



The idea is to pour in your favorite lube in the bottle, press against chain, then squeeze bottle while turning the crank. They said that the bottle can handle stuff like White Lightning.

Though the bike is upside down, they recommend using gravity to apply the lube while squeezing.

Interbike 2012:Felt Bicycles-Commuter Bikes

Felt Bicycles had a few commuter bikes on display. Here’s a few shots of models they had available.

The York — it’s a classy city bike with hammered metal fenders and a front rack.

Single speed drive train with sweet looking cranks.

Faux leather grips and saddle to finish the look.

Verza City — it’s a belt drive bike with internal gear hub.


Here’s the Women’s Verza model with a standard drive train.

Interbike 2012: Tretta 2WD Assist Bicycle

Here’s an interesting product we saw at Dirt Demo, it’s a 2WD Assist Bicycle. It caught my attention so much that I decided to test ride it.

Can you see the chain drive?


There’s a universal joint on the front drive train that allows it to spin and turn at the same time.

The front gears are direct driven on the left side of the bike.



Here are a few things I found with this idea, mind you this product isn’t currently available in the US. The company states that this particular idea is huge in Japan. Ok so back to the findings; Front drive doesn’t produce enough torque to see a big difference in how it rides. The left chain can easily rub against your thigh, and lastly, it’s heavy. I brought up the issue of changing the gearing on front to make it have more of an impact as well as the chain issue rubbing against the leg. The Rep gladly accepted my concerns and said that they were out at Dirt Demo to gauge interest to see if it’s even worth coming out with this bike here in the US.

Interbike 2012-It’s coming up!

If you didn’t know, America’s largest bicycle trade show is in less than 2 weeks. Last year I had the pleasure of providing the good looking readers of media coverage of the show.

This year we’ve partnered up with our super awesome friends at Planet Bike so we can host our very first (cue the echo sound effects) Interbike SWAG Giveaway Contest, brought to you by the handsome folks of Planet Bike!

So here’s how it’s going to work: Our Media Crew, yours truly and Hermes, will be working hard at Outdoor Demo and Interbike, collecting swag stuff from various vendors to accompany the GRAND PRIZE that Planet Bike has generously provided. What’s in the Planet Bike Grand Prize? Dunno, sexy Chris F. of PB said he’d surprise us, but whatever it is, it should be really good!

We’ll provide more contest details as we approach closer to the show date.