Interbike 2013

Interbike 2013: Park Tools

Every cyclist worth their salt recognizes the distinctive blue vinyl coating of Park Tools, arguably the largest bike-specific tool manufacturer in the world.

We swung by their large display at Interbike and marveled at the myriad of professional- and consumer-grade tools there. For folks who are out on the road all the time, some hand tools can be lifesavers. You ARE carrying a basic toolset, aren’t you? If not, Park Tool has you covered; they make a really wide variety of take-along tools for every budget:




New to their lineup is the SPK-1, a tool guaranteed to help the hungry lunchtime commuters among us:


No self-respecting commuter travels without a spork, amirite?

Interbike 2013: Electra’s new e-bike

Electra’s big news at Interbike was the release of their Townie Go! e-bike:


This pedal-assist bike, featuring SRAM’s E-Matic System, seems like a no-brainer for the urban bikes juggernaut. When we received the press release on the Townie Go! prior to our trip to Las Vegas, we wondered, “why didn’t Electra jump on this sooner?” A pedal-assist kit seems the perfect fit for the Townie. In any case, we’re glad to see Electra got into the e-bike market with this model. It’s available in men’s and women’s versions, with color-matched fenders, dynamo front hub, cargo rack, and a lot of other utility-friendly features.

We didn’t get a chance to ride the Go! out in the Paddock…we simply ran out of time. Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on a tester to share with you at some point.

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Interbike 2013: Soul Halo

For you folks who like to cruise during your commute, then check out this bike. This is the Soul Cruzer Halo.

We were granted access to the Mandalay Beach/Pool area just to take these photos.

The Halo offers a 1 1/8 head tube, that means if you wanted to, you can install a suspension fork.

We thought this was a nice touch to have a decorative gusset, which doubles as a bottle opener.

White spokes and rims that match the frame looks great. Check out the rear drop out. The Halo can accept Fenders.

Soul Cruzer isn’t new to, I did a review of their wheel LED lights. Here’s how the Halo looks with that same set up.

Interbike 2013 Coverage Proudly Sponsored by Black Tiger Jerky
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Interbike 2013: Torker Bicycles

One of our favorite bike brands to deal with is Torker Bicycles. The reason being, they’ve always sent out bikes for testing and they’re really down to earth folks. So here’s their latest offerings for 2014.

Interurban Mixte

T800 with Shimano Nexus 8 speed rear hub. It’s also equipped with rack and fenders, read to be ridden.

T300 Mixte…so pretty. I’ve always been a fan of Mixte frames. This bike hits the perfect price point that bike commuters are willing to spend on a bike, under $500, $459 to be exact.

This is the T510 with Slidepad Technology priced at $449
I was digging the dual top tube design.
So what’s this Slidepad Technology? It’s like anti-lock brakes for your bike. Prevents your front wheel from locking up. Read it for yourselves to learn more about it.

The Interurban is back for 2013 in a beautuful Rootbeer color.

New to their lineup is the Median 1, priced at $649.It has mountain bike style bars with a 27 speed drive train.

The Graduate, for the sophisticated commuter.This is a simple 1×9 drive train bike priced at $623.

The U3 is pretty unique. It’s a road bike-ish commuter with drop bars, and internal 3 speed rear hub. In addition it has fender and rack mounts. Priced at $499.

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Interbike 2013: KHS Bicycles

From the KHS Bicycles family comes the Manhattan Cruiser line. These beautiful classic styled bicycles will be available in both Men’s and Women’s (mixte) frames and various colors. I really dug the colors they had. I’m sure these will be a big hit.
Mahattan cruisers

Fender freaks, notice how these models have fenders! Check out the rack on this one. Best of all, both rack and fenders are color-matched to the frame.

The KHS TR101 is ready for your bike commute! It’s got rack and fenders; all that’s missing is you, the rider.
KHS tr101

For you single speeders, the Flight 100 has been part of the KHS catalog for over 7 years. It remains a popular bike for them.
khs flite 100

Interbike 2013 Coverage Proudly Sponsored by Black Tiger Jerky
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